South Wales Sports Grounds


Francis McDermott (construction Director of South Wales Sports Grounds) asked Zeus Hydratech to assist on a project requiring some bespoke hydraulic controls.  South Wales sports Grounds employ the latest technology to construct natural turf pitches and a variety of playing surfaces for a series of stadiums in and around South Wales.


The gravel cart is towed behind a tractor unit and is used to grade and distribute gravel evenly over the top of drainage ditches. Zeus Hydratech supplied a 4 bank mono block, flow control device and bespoke manufactured cab mounted control interface. Historically, the gravel cart conveyor had to be set up manually by the operator, this meant climbing in and out of the cab on a regular basis and physically moving the conveyor shoot.
The use of hydraulics has now automated the process; the nett result is a significant reduction in time to complete the same task.  The cab mounted control panel allows the operator to have independent control to each of the functions on the gravel cart which included: Conveyor fold, Conveyor height adjustment, Conveyor belt operation and finally, open and close of the gravel discharge penstock.
Our control panel features easy to hold levers with function lighting to confirm operation. We also manufactured an electrical distribution box with flying leads allowing the solenoid operated mono block to be connected with ease. As security was also an issue, we were able to manufacture the control panel in a way that allowed the operator to remove the main control panel whilst not in use whilst retaining the smaller distribution box making the connection to the control valves.

“We have received fantastic service on several bespoke projects and cannot recommend Zeus Hydratech enough for their support and prompt service. We look forward to many more projects in the future.”
Francis McDermott, South Wales Sports Grounds


Presented below is a selection of photos that illustrate work completed on behalf of our client: