What is an IE3 Motor and do I need one?

The IEC Standard defines the energy efficiency class of electric motors. Only motors in the power range from 7.5 to 375 kW complying with Energy Efficiency Class IE3 will be permitted for line operation in the European Economic Area from that date – This is a legal requirement

Some Interesting Facts relating to Electric Motors

Just under 10 billion electric motors are manufactured each year. This is expected to grow to 12 billion by 2018.
In 2009 inventor James Dyson unveiled a handheld vacuum cleaner which he claimed was run by the “fastest motor in the world,” turning at 104,000 rpm

Electric Motors use 45% of Global Electricity

Electric motors are the single biggest consumer of electricity. They account for about two thirds of industrial power consumption and, as stated above, about 45% of global power consumption. This means that almost every second power plant is producing electricity for the sole purpose of running motors.

Brook Crompton Electric Motors

Zeus Hydratech is a UK distributor for the full range of Brook Crompton Motors.

Brook Crompton is a leading supplier of electric motors for the global industrial market, with motor solutions which benefit a wide range of customers. Their products are used in almost every industrial activity including water treatment, building services, chemical/petrochemicals, general processing and manufacturing where they drive fans, pumps, compressors and conveyors, amongst other things.

TEC Electrical Motors

Zeus Hydratech is a UK distributor for the full range of Tec Motors.

TEC Electric Motors was formed following a buy out of the former TURK Electric motor distribution company in the UK. With a combined 80 years’ experience in Electrical Motor technology, they are well positioned to provide a comprehensive ~ range of Electrical motors for all applications.

Their range of Electrical Motors covers an output from 0.06-315KW and are manufactured to the following energy ratings: EFF2, EFF1, IE1, IE2, IE3

Guide to Hazardous Motors with Inverters