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Chapel – Double Acting Top Link Cylinder (736)

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Product Features
  • Max working pressure: 200 bars
  • Proof pressure: 300 bars
  • Maximum speed: 0.5m/s
  • Temperature: – 30°C to + 90°C
  • Hydraulic mineral oil
  • Rod: CK45 chrome plated f7 Ra<0.2
  • Chrome thickness 20µ mini
  • Corrosion test: 120 hours NSS ISO9227 class9 (ISO4540) Hardness 900 HV
  • Tube: St 52.3 BK DIN 2393 /C tolerance H9/10. Ra<0.8µ
  • Gland: nitride hardening steel (38MF5)
  • Piston: Steel C35R
  • Rod: compact polyurethane lip seal + 1 wiper seal
  • Piston: compact polyurethane seal + nitrile
  • Priming paint black RAL9005 except on type 707.5 and 707.10 and wood splitter cylinder
  • Zinc plating on micro cylinders

Product Specification

Cylinder measurements relate to drawing shown in mm

Cylinder Ref ØA ØB Z Stroke E H Volume Unit Weight
 &36/B 30 60 250 530 90 0.75 Ltr 9.8 Kg

Product Recommendations

– Protection of the circuit by a relief valve and a filter
– Check the oil cleanness (pollution)
– Bleed the air from the cylinder and the hydraulic circuit

The cylinder should not, under any circumstances, be used as a mechanical limit stop for moving loads.
Single-acting cylinders must be fitted with a tank return for unused power.

• Welding: do not weld on the tube. Dismount the cylinder to weld on the rod or on the base

• Storing: storage of extended cylinder, the rod must be greased. For high pressure cleaning, protect the rod.
The cylinder cannot be used to hold any loads. Mechanical locks must be used.
For double acting cylinders working as single acting, it is essential to connect the unused port to the tank

• Striping down: Warning : the piston is locked with glue (glue it again when re-assembling)

Additional Information

Hydraulic Cylinders




Chapel – 736/B – Step File


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