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  • C03 MSV-P* Pilot Operated Check Valve

Continental Hydraulics – Cetop 3. C03MSV-P – Pilot Operated Check Valve

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Continental Hydraulics are at the forefront of engineering hydraulic solutions for over 50 years-a testament to a long-standing reputation built upon your challenges and opportunities. A worldwide leader- a one-stop-shop for valves, pumps, power units and proportional products-all assembled in the USA.

The Continental Hydraulics C03MSV-P valve Utilizes a cartridge-type, guided poppet, and hydraulic pilot operated check valve as a blocking or load-holding device for high pressure applications.


This valve allows free flow from the work port to the outlet port and blocks flow in the opposite direction. Free flow will be allowed from the outlet port to the work port when at least one-third of the load induced pressure is sensed in the opposing work port.

Features & Benefits

  • All external parts are zinc-plated for long life against elements.
  • All cartridges are 100% tested functionally.
  • Uses Sun T-11A cavity.

Product Specification


Valve Bodies: 3000 PSI (207 Bar) = Aluminum (2024-T4)
Flow: 15 GPM (57 L/M) Nominal
Pilot Ratio: 3:1
Internal Leakage: 1 drop per minute maximum at 5000 PSI
Estimated Shipping Weight: 2 # Aluminum

Continental Hydraulics – C03 MSV-P* Pilot Operated Check Valve – Data Sheet

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