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Daikin AKS303 – Oil Cooling Unit

Daikin Industries are the market leaders in environmentally responsible oil cooler solutions.

The Daikin AKS – Oil Cooler unit can be used in wide range of applied temperature such as 5~45°C for room temperature and 5~50°C for oil temperature.
Coping with intensive temperature conditions under winter and summer, it exhibits steady cooling capacity.

Multiple function’s micro computer is surface mounted

Multiple function’s microcomputer allows ease of use.

  •  One touch choice is possible for oil temperature control method (room temperature tuning type, fixed temperature type)
  •  LED displays abnormal situations of individual nine kinds or seven levels of inlet oil temperatures.
  • Turnover switch enables the operation switch to do fool-safe operated and to prevent ceased operation.
Slim and Compact Design

Slim and compact design matches the main CNC machine which reduces installation space.

Enriched Health & Safety Functions

Eleven protection features with improved safety features *Note: Refer to the specification table below for AKS303AK*

Product Specification

Description AKS303AK
Maximum Cooling Capacity 9.9 / 10.7 kW
Power Supply Main Circuit (50/60 Hz) Three Phase
200/200 – 220V
Power Supply Control Circuit (50/60Hz) Single Phase
200/200 – 220V
Power Supply Capacity (200/220V) 9.0 / 10.0 kVA
Oil Pump Displacement Volume (50/60Hz) 46.0 / 55.0 L/min
Compressor (hermetic rotary type) 0.25 kW, 2P
Evaporator Shell and Tube Type
Condenser Cross-fin coil type
Fan Propeller fan
Room Temperature Application Range 5 – 45 °C
Inlet Oil Temperature Application Range 10 – 50 °C
Oil Viscosity 4 – 200 mm²/s
External Dimensions (H x W x D) 1530 x 630 x 730 mm
Weight 250 kg

Daikin – AKS- Oil Cooler – Datasheet

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