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Daikin AKZ909 – Oil Cooling Unit

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Daikin Industries are the market leaders in environmentally responsible hydraulic pumps, valves and power packs for commercial and industrial applications.

Daikin have focused on the process lines in a factory where 45% energy is consumed generally. Daikin’s unique oil hydraulic systems which integrates oil hydraulic control and inverter motor technologies will be able to reduce power consumption significantly.

High accuracy oil temperature control

Acclaimed ±0.1°C oil temperature control has been extended to cover an even wider range.

 Refrigerant gas leakage detection alarm function

An alarm signal is output when the refrigerant gas

would be leaked (as cooling circuit failure).

Oil temperature warning function

A warning signal can be output when the oil temperature or air temperature strays outside arbitrarily setting range.

Auto tuning function

This function substantially cuts the time taken for adjustment during trial operation by automatically setting the gain when oil temperature control is not stable in the factory setting status or when optimization is required.

999-hour timer function (ON timer)

The operation start time can be set from 0 to 999 hours in one-hour units.

Preventive maintenance function

A warning signal is output to notify that maintenance is required when the air filter or condenser becomes clogged. If the thermistor fails (out of control), emergency operation is possible by selecting another operation mode. This function minimizes the factors of line stoppages.

The control panel has been revamped.

Data is now displayed in an easier-to-understand format with more digits space. The power consumption is also displayed.

Product Specification

Description AKZ569 AKZ909
Maximum Cooling Capacity 5.0 / 5.6 kW 8.0 / 9.0 kW
Power Supply Main Circuit (50/60 Hz) Three Phase 200 / 200 . 220V Three Phase 200 / 200 . 220V
Power Supply Control Circuit (50/60Hz) 12/24 VDC 12/24 VDC
Power Supply Capacity (200/220V) 4.0 kVA 6.0 kVA
Oil pump displacement volume (50 / 60 Hz) 30/36 L/min 30/36 L/min

Compressor (Fully-enclosed DC swing type)

Equivalent to 1.5 kW

Equivalent to 2.2 kW

Evaporator Brazing Plate Type Brazing Plate Type
Condenser Cross-fin coil type Cross-fin coil type
Fan Propeller fan φ400,100 W Propeller fan φ455,100 W
Room Temperature Application Range 5 – 45 °C 5 – 45 °C
Tank Oil Temperature Application Range 5 – 50 °C 5 – 50 °C
Oil Viscosity 1.4–200 (ISO VG2-32)mm²/s 1.4–200 (ISO VG2-32)mm²/s
External Dimensions (H x W x D) mm
Please Enquire
Please Enquire
Weight kg

82, 115, 100, 145

97, 132, 122, 175

Daikin – AKZ Technical Manual

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Oil Cooler

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Spare Part Lookup

This page lists all the spare parts that are compatible with the current unit selected. Use the search box provided below to find the spare part you need. If you need further assistance please contact our support team.

Part Number Description
SB-1936172-1 Expansion valve body (AKZ909)
SB-22301854-01 Electronic Expansion Valve Body (AKZ909)
SB-2YC63FXD Compressor (AKZ909)
SB-3PC01011-3 Set of 3 Compressor Vibration Isolators (AKZ909)
SB-3PD03148-1 Compressor terminal cover (AKZ909)
SBAKZ-003 Electronic Expansion Valve Coil (AKZ909)
SB-22201653-01 Inverter Board (IPM) (AKZ909)
SB-22302414-02 Control Panel Assembly (AKZ909)
SB-PP02858-05 Main Control Board (PCB) (AKZ909)
SB-22201604-01 Condenser (AKZ909)
SB-22302288-02 Evaporator (AKZ909)
SB-2P160641-01 Fan Blade (AKZ909)
SB-Y4453074-05 Filter Mesh (AKZ909)
SBAKZ-017 Fan Motor (AKZ909)
SBAKZ-020 Pump and Motor Assembly (AKZ909)
SB-22301677-01 Discharge Pipe Thermistor (AKZ909)
SB-22301677-02 Expansion Valve Thermistor (AKZ909)
SB-22301677-03 Condenser Thermistor (AKZ909)
SB-22301677-04 Oil Inlet Thermistor (AKZ909)
SB-22301677-05 Oil Outlet Thermistor (AKZ909)
SB-Y4453121-1 Room Temperature Thermistor (AKZ909)