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Duplomatic – EWM-SS-DAD – Card for Axis Synchronisation Control

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Duplomatic Oleodinamica designs and produces a complete range of hydraulic components that are suitable for all application sectors of both industrial and mobile fields.

The Duplomatic EWM-SS-DAD Control Card is for the axis synchronization control consists of an interface PLC Profibus DP and axis control cards with interconnection via CanBus. The control consists of a bus adapter EWM-BUS-DAD per the system and one EWM-SS DADmodule for each axis to be controlled, to be ordered separately.

The EWM-SS-DAD synchronizes the axes through a position sensor, digital SSI type (a high accuracy) or analogue type.

The synchronization controller correct the speed of the slave axis. Positioning failures during the movement will increase or reduce the slave axis velocity, so the synchronization failure will be compensated.

The cards are, programmable only via software, with EWMPC software kit, and a laptop.

Product Specification

Description Units
Power Supply 12 ÷ 30 V DC Ripple Included
External Fuse 1.0A (5 A for M2 Version)
Current Consumption <350 mA + Sensor Power Consumption
Feedback Value Digital Sensor with SSI Interface
Output Value – E0 Version  0 ÷ 10 (Rι = 25 kΩ)
Output Value – E1 Version  4 ÷ 20 (Rι = 250 Ω)
Position Accuracy  + 2 Bits of Digital Sensor Resolution
Interface  RS 232 C
Electromagnetic Compatability (EMC):
According to 2004/108/CE Standards
Emissions EN 61000-6-3:2005
Immunity EN 61000-2:2002
Housing Material  Thermoplastic Polyamide PA6.6
Combustibility Class V0 (UL94)
Housing Dimensions – EWM-SS-DAD  114 x 99 (h) x 46 (w) mm
Housing Dimensions – EWM-BUS-DD  120 x 99 (h) x 23 (w) mm
Connectors  4×4 Poles Screw Terminals – PE Direct Via DIN Rail
Operating Temperature Range  -20 / +60°C
Protection Degree IP 20

Duplomatic – EWM-SS-DAD – Card for Axis Synchronisation Control – Data Sheet

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