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Duplomatic PBM3 – Back Pressure Valve

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Duplomatic Oleodinamica represents the real alternative in the hydraulics market.

Duplomatic’s wide range of products and worldwide service network, grant its users a real competitive advantage.

The Duplomatic PBM3 valve is a direct operated three-way pressure regulator, developed as a modular version with mounting surface according to the ISO 4401 (CETOP RP121H) standards.

Its aim is to adjust the output backpressure coming from the actuator, so as to allow the input free flow.

It is normally used on vertically mounted cylinders where the cancellation of a load weighting on the road of the same cilinder is needed.

Product Specification

Description Units
Maximum Operating Pressure 350 bar
Check Valve Cracking Pressure 3,5 bar
Maximum Flow on Check Valve B → B1 50 bar
Maximum Flow Rate in Controlled Line B1 → B  50 l/min
Maximum Flow Rate in the Free Lines P, A, T 75 l/min
Ambient Temperature Range -20 / +50 °C
Fluid Temperature Range -20 / +80 °C
Fluid Viscosity 10 ÷ 400 cSt
Fluid Contamination Degree  According to ISO 4406:1999
Class 20/18/15
Recommended Viscosity  25 cSt
 Mass  1,6 kg

Duplomatic – PBM3 – Back Pressure Valve – Data Sheet

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