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Duplomatic RS* – Double Acting Throttle Flow Control Valve

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Duplomatic Oleodinamica represents the real alternative in the hydraulics market.

Duplomatic’s wide range of products and worldwide service network, grant its users a real competitive advantage.

The Duplomatic RS* and RS*-I valves are throttle flow control valves for in-line mounting, directly in the line or as a cartridge complete with threading for in-block mounting.
Adjustment is obtained with a conical throttle that operates in a cylindrical seat and allows a good linearity of the adjusted flow.
They are also used as flow shut-off valves since they guarantee good sealing when completely closed.
The valves are always supplied with an adjustment knob that can be locked in any position with a transverse positioned grub screw, as may be required.

Product Specification

Valve Code
Port Dimensions BSP Nominal Flow Rate (l/min)  Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)
 RS2 1/4″  15 400
 RS3  3/8″  30 400
 RS4  1/2″  50  400
 RS5  3/4″  80  400
 RS6  1″  150  320
 RS7  1 ¼”  200  320
 RS8  1½”  220   320
 RS2-I  –  15   320
 RS3-I  –  30   320
 RS4-I  –  50   320
 RS5-I  –  80   320
 RS6-I  –  150   320

Duplomatic – RS* – Double Acting Throttle Flow Control Valve – Data Sheet

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