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Nachi DSS (DSA) – Solenoid Control Valve

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Nachi are a world-class manufacturer of pumps, valves, flow controls, hydraulic power units and other products. Known not only for product excellence but for our competitive pricing and product availability.

Long Life Operation

Long-life operation is ensured by use of the high-performance, renowned SS (SA)-G01 wet solenoid valve as the pilot valve.

High Pressure, High Capacity

The 06 size delivers up to 600 R/min.

Low Pressure Loss

An original flow path design provides wide-ranging low pressure loss and enhanced system circuit efficiency.

Internal Modification

Internal modification of the pilot and drain can be accomplished without removing the valve by simply connecting and disconnecting plugs.

Built in Pilot Pressure Check Valve

When tandem center type valve is used for the internal pilot valve (option), pilot pressure required for switching is self-maintained.

Product Specification

Description DSS(DSA)-G06-***-R-**-E22
P, A, B Ports Max Pressure 32MPa
T Port Internal Max Pressure 16 MPa
T Port External Max Pressure 21 MPa
Max Flow Rate 600 L/min
Rated Flow Rate 300 L/min
Max Pilot Pressure 25 MPa
Min Pilot Pressure 0.45 – 1.2 MPa
Max Changeover Frequency 120 min
Pilot Volume 10 -20 cm³
Dust/Water Resistance DSS: IP64
Ambient Temperature -20 to + 50°C
Operating Temperature -20 to + 70°C
Viscosity Range 15 to 300 mm²/s
Filtration 25 microns or less
Spring Offset Type Weight 14.5 kg
No-Spring Detent Type 15 kg
Spring Center Type 15 kg
Pressure Center Type 16.5 kg

Nachi – DSS (DSA) – Solenoid Control Valve – Datasheet

Additional Information

Directional Control Valves

Solenoid Controlled – Pilot Operated




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