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Nachi DSW – Solenoid Valve with Monitoring Switch

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Nachi are a world-class manufacturer of pumps, valves, flow controls, hydraulic power units and other products. Known not only for product excellence but for competitive pricing and product availability.

Safety is critical in the manufacturing industry. Today, most manufacturers rely on a conventional system that detects danger and stops a machine during operation. In Japan, however, the trend is to utilize a Safety Monitoring System to monitor safety and allow a machine to operate after safety is confirmed. As new global safety standards are established, it is predicted that these Safety Monitoring Systems will be included in machine specifications at the design stage. Our Solenoid Valve with Monitoring Switch, Japan’s first Safety Monitoring System, is specially designed to meet the requirements of machine integration and safety.

The Nachi DSW Solenoid Valve mechanically detects the movement of the solenoid valve spool to activate the switch and to transmit an electrical ON/OFF signal. In other words, this valve monitors a spool operating condition and can be used for sequence control according to its ON/OFF signal. It is also an information source for confirming safety conditions.

Product Specification

Description DSW-G04
 Max Working Pressure  35 MPa
 Max Flow Rate  300 L/min
 Max Allowable Pressure  21 MPa
 Dust/Water Resistance  JIS C0920 IP63
 Ambient Temperature  -20 to 50°C
 Operating Temperature  -20 to 70°C
 Viscosity Range  15 to 300 mm²/s
 Filtration  25 microns or less
 Rated Voltage DC24V
 Allowable Voltage Range DC24V ± 20%
 Max Load Current 100 Ma
 Residual Voltage Max 1.2V
 Wiring to Connector Lead Wire or M12-4 Pins

Nachi – DSW – Solenoid Valve with Monitoring Switch – Datasheet

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