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  • Veljan VT67DCC - Triple Vane Pump

Veljan VT67DCC – Triple Vane Pump

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Veljan is a pioneer hydraulics and pneumatics company with a wealth of experience in developing and manufacturing a range of hydraulic and pneumatic products and systems for about 40 years. Veljan manufactures hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and custom-built power systems.

Product Specification

Description Units
Model No. VT67DCC
Maximum Pressure (psi) 4000
Maximum Pressure (bar) 275
Max. Displacement (in³/rev) 4.0 – 21.84
Max. Displacement (cm³/rev) 66 – 358
Maximum Speed rpm 2200
Mounting Standard SAE – C

Veljan – VT67DCC – Triple Vane Pump DataSheet

Veljan – VT67DCC – Triple Vane Pump Service Manual

Veljan – Triple Vane Pump Port Configuration

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