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  • CEM-MS Closed Loop Synchronization Module
  • CEM-MS Closed Loop Synchronization Module

Continental Hydraulics CEM-MS – Closed Loop Synchronization Module

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Continental Hydraulics are at the forefront of engineering hydraulic solutions for over 50 years-a testament to a long-standing reputation built upon your challenges and opportunities. A worldwide leader- a one-stop-shop for valves, pumps, power units and proportional products-all assembled in the USA.

The Continental Hydraulics closed loop PID module compares command and feedback signals, and applies traditional PID gain settings to the error signal.
This modified signal is provided as an analog voltage (0 to +/-10v) output. It may be used to drive proportional pressure or flow control valves with on board electronics, or as a command to another amplifier module. It is suitable to provide dynamic closed loop control in pressure, force, or velocity systems.
A wide range of analog signals are accepted. User may select either voltage or current input mode. These inputs are easily scaled to match system requirements.
Input command can be ramped. PID variables are adjustable over a wide range. Easily switched from open loop to closed loop control.
Output can be scaled to match the proportional valve being driven. If command current signal is outside of the proper range, the module is disabled.
Digital outputs inform the user of system errors.
This module is easily adapted to a variety of system requirements. All variables are user adjusted with easy to use software on your Microsoft Windows® laptop.
Control variables are stored in non-volatile memory internal to the module. All variables can be read by the laptop, and reproduced exactly on other modules.

Product Specification

Description Units
Power Supply VDC 12 to 30 vDC
Power Supply Consumption <100mA + Solenoid
Power Supply External Fuse 3 A (Medium Action)
Analog Input Voltage 0 – +10 vDC
Analog Input Impendance 33 K Ohms
Analog Input Current 0 to 20 mA (type 4 to 20)
Analog Input Impendance 250 Ohm
Analog Input Resolution 0.01%
Analog Input Sample Time 1.0 mS
(Speed Input) Voltage 0 to +10 vDC
(Speed Input) Impendance 90K Ohm
Electrical Connection Programming Port RS-232 3.5mm Stereo Jack
Electrical Connection Power and Signal 8 strips with 4 screw terminals each
Electrical Connection Ground via DIN Rail
Digital Inputs Logical 0 = <2 / Logical 1 =>10
Digital Inputs Impendance 25K ohm
Digital Outputs Logical 0 =<2 (50mA max) / Logical 1 =~ Power Supply
Analog Output Voltage 0 to +/- 10v
Analog Output Current 5 mA (max)
Analog Resolution 0.024%
Housing Module Snaps to 35mm DIN Rail EN 50022
Housing Material Polyamide PA 6.6
Housing Combustability Class UL94 V0
Housing Protection Class IP 20
Housing Working Temperature -20 to +60°C
Housing Storage Temperature -20 to +70 °C
Housing Humidity 95 % (non Condensing)
Electro Magnetic Compatibility Emission EN61000-6-2
Electro Magnetic Compatibility Immunity EN 61000-6-3
Electro Magnetic Compatibility Vibration Resistence EIC 60068-2-6

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