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Continental Hydraulics – VED05M Proportional Directional Control Valves

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Continental Hydraulics are at the forefront of engineering hydraulic solutions for over 50 years-a testament to a long-standing reputation built upon your challenges and opportunities. A worldwide leader- a one-stop-shop for valves, pumps, power units and proportional products-all assembled in the USA.

Continental Hydraulics VED05M direct operated 4-way proportional valves conform to NFPA D05 and ISO 4401 mounting standards.

These valves are designed to control the direction and oil flow rate based on the amount of current supplied to the solenoid. In event of a loss in electrical power, the centering springs will return the valve spool to the center position.

The valve solenoids can be driven by a variable current power supply or by use of external Power Amplifier Cards designed to maximize the valve performance.

A variety of manual overrides are also available.

Product Specification

Description Units
Maximum Operating Pressure P – A – B Ports 5000 psi / 350 bar
Maximum Operating Pressure T Port 3000 psi / 210 bar
Flow Capacity with ∆P 145 psi (10 bar) AC/FC 30 8 gpm / 30 l/min
Flow Capacity with ∆P 145 psi (10 bar) AC/FC 60 16 gpm / 60l/min
Mounting Surface
ISO 4401-05-04-0-05
Step Response 0 → 100% 50 ms
Step Response 100 → 0% 70 ms
Hysteresis % of Q max < 6%
Repeat-ability % of Q max <+1.5%
Voltage 12v DC / 24v DC
Coil Connection DIN 43650
Protection IEC 60529 IP65
Weight Single Solenoid 9.7 lbs / 4.4 kg
Weight Dual Solenoid 13 lbs / 5.9 kg
Ambient Temperature Range -4 to +130°F / -20 to +54°C
Fluid Temperature Range -4 to +180°F / -20 to +82°C
Fluid Viscosity Range 60-1900 SUS / 10-400cSt
Recommend Fluid Viscosity 120 SUS / 25cSt
Fluid Contamination ISO 4406:1999
Class 18/16/13

Continental Hydraulics – VED05M Proportional Valve Data Sheet

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