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Daikin EHU3007-40 – Hydraulic Power Pack

Daikin’s new 40 series EHU power pack unit features IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) technology derived from their range of air conditioning units, the result is a 30% reduction in power consumption and 9% weight saving over the previous 30 series model. High performance components deliver improved flow and pressure in a new compact design with improved control options. IMPORTANT UPDATE: The 40 series shown on this page replaces the old 30 series (which ceased production in September 2017) To replace your old 30 series power pack unit, please contact us to confirm the correct part number and specification.

The Daikin EHU 30 series power pack units are used extensively in many machine tool centers from the following manufacturers: Doosan, Makino, Citizen, Hyundai, Mazak and Traub Index. The following special versions are also available directly from Zeus Hydratech Ltd. OEM Specials:

  • EHU30-M07-AE-30-V-169A
  • EHU30-M07-AE-30-V-088
  • EHU30-M07-AE-30-V-024
  • EHU25-M07-AE-30-V344
  • EHU25-M07-AE-30-V-300
  • EHU25-M07-AE-30-V-118
  • EHU25-L07-A-30-008A
  • EHU25-L04-A-30-127E
  • EHU25-L04-A-30-127D
  • EHU25-L04-A-30-127C
  • EHU25-L04-A-30-032
  • EHU25-L04-A-30-019D

  *All standard Part Numbers and specifications listed below*

Product Features

Model Code Motor Capacity (Equivalent) Tank Capacity Maximum Operating Pressure Maximum Flow Rate Weight
EHU1404-40 0.75 kw 18 L 4.0 MPa 15.2 L/min 26 kg
EHU2504-40 1.5 kw 18 L 4.0 MPa 25.1 L/min 26 kg
EHU2507-40 2.2 kw 18 L 7.0 MPa 25.1 L/min 29 kg
EHU3007-40 2.8 kw 18 L 7.0 MPa 28.5 L/min 2kg


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