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Daikin JRBS – Pilot Operated Relief Valve

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Market leaders in environmentally responsible heat pumps, ventilation and air conditioning systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Low noise models with high characteristics against noise.
  • The broad flow rate range enables the steady pressure control and this valve actuates as a safety valve.
  •  If a remote control relief valve is connected to a vent port, the main circuit pressure can be controlled by a remote controller.
  • This valve will have a function of an unloading valve, if a vent port is used.
  • Option as high vent type is available.

Product Specification

Model Code Nom Dia Pressure Adjusting Range Max Flow Rate Weight
JRBS-G03-1-30 3/8″ *~7 MPa {*~70 kgf/cm²} 200 L/min 4.7 kg
JRBS-G03-2-30  3/8″  *~16 MPa {*~160 kgf/cm²}  200 L/min 4.7 kg
JRBS-G03-3-30 3/8″ *~25 MPa {*~250 kgf/cm²} 200 L/min 4.7 kg
JRBS-G06-1-30 3/4″  *~7 MPa {*~70 kgf/cm²} 300 L/min 5.8 kg
JRBS-G06-2-30 3/4″ *~16 MPa {*~160 kgf/cm²} 300 L/min 5.8 kg
JRBS-G06-3-30 3/4″  *~25 MPa {*~250 kgf/cm²}  300 L/min 5.8 kg

Daikin – JRBS – Pressure Control Valve – Datasheet

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Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Relief Valves




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