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Duplomatic DL5 – Solenoid Operated Directional Valve – Compact

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Duplomatic Oleodinamica represents the real alternative in the hydraulics market.

Duplomatic’s wide range of products and worldwide service network, grant its users a real competitive advantage.

The Duplomatic DL5 direct acting, subplate mounting directional control hydraulic valve, CETOP 05, with mounting surface according to ISO 4401 (CETOP RP 121H) standards.

Suitable for the mobile sector (agricultural machines), it has four different surface treatments available: standard phosphating,carbonitriding with oxidation process, semi-gloss epoxy painting, gloss polyurethane. The valve is available with several types of electrical connections (DIN 43650, AMP JUNIOR, with outgoing cables, DEUTSCH DT04-2P, AMP SUPER SEAL, DUAL DIN 43650), to cover various installation requirements.

The valve is suitable for special applications, guaranteed by the reduced solenoid dimensions.

The valve body is made with high strength iron castings provided with wide internal passages in order to minimize the flow pressure drop. Wet armature solenoids with interchangeable coils are used.

The valve is supplied with 3 or 4 way designs and with several interchangeable spools with different porting arrangements.

The valve is available with DC or AC current solenoids.

Tech specs: pmax 320 bar – Qmax 125 l/min

Product Specification

Description CC CA
Maximum Operating Pressure – Ports P – A – B 320 bar 320 bar
Maximum Operating Pressure – Port T 210 bar 160 bar
Maximum Flow Rate 125 l/min 100 /min
Ambient Temperature Range -20 / +50°C -20 / +50°C
Fluid Temperature Range -20 / +80°C -20 / +80°C
Fluid Viscosity Range 10 ÷ 400 cSt 10 ÷ 400 cSt
Fluid Contamination Degree According to ISO 4406:1999
Class 20/18/15
According to ISO 4406:1999
Class 20/18/15
Recommended Viscosity 25 cSt 25 cSt
Single Solenoid Valve Mass 2,8 kg 2,8 kg
Double Solenoid Valve Mass 3,7 kg 3,7 kg

DL5 – Solenoid Operated Directional Valve – Compact – Data Sheet

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