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Duplomatic MVR-RS/P – Direct Check Valve with Flow Restrictor

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Duplomatic Oleodinamica represents the real alternative in the hydraulics market.

Duplomatic’s wide range of products and worldwide service network, grant its users a real competitive advantage.

The Duplomatic MVR-RS/P valve is a check valve that incorporates also the function of flow restriction.

Made as a modular version with mounting surface according to the ISO 4401 (CETOP RP 121H) standards.

Can be quickly assembled under the ISO 4401-03 (CETOP 03) directional solenoid valves and modular valves, without use of pipes and using suitable tie-rods or bolts.

Used when it is necessary to control the flow in a direction and to avoid backflows or the self-emptying of the lines in the opposite direction.

Control of the flow is obtained with a countersunk hex screw with locking nut.

Product Specification

Description Units
Maximum Operating Pressure 350 bar
Check Valve Cracking Pressure 1 bar
Maximum Flow Rate in Controlled Lines 50 l/min
Maximum Flow Rate in the Free Lines 75 l/min
Ambient Temperature Range -20 /+50°C
Fluid Temperature Range -20 /+80°C
Fluid Viscosity Range 10 ÷ 400 cSt
Fluid Contamination Degree According to ISO 4406:1999
Class 20/18/15
Recommended Viscosity 25 cSt
Mass 1,1 kg

Duplomatic – MVR-RS/P – Direct Check Valve with Flow Restrictor – Data Sheet

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