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Duplomatic PRK10 – Pilot Operated Pressure Control Valve

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Duplomatic Oleodinamica represents the real alternative in the hydraulics market.

Duplomatic’s wide range of products and worldwide service network, grant its users a real competitive advantage.

The PRK10 valve is a pilot operated pressure control valve, cartridge tpe, that can be used in blocks or panels with 7/8-14 UNF-2B (SAE-10) type seat.

It is used to control the hydraulic circuit pressure and allows the use of the entire flow of the pump even at pressure values near the set value.

It consists of a main balances type spool and a pilot stage. The main spool, normally closed, opens when the circuit pressure exceeds the set valve generated by the
pilot stage, discharging the excess flow in port T, directly connected to the tank.

Its available in 4 pressure control, ranges from 6 to 350 bar.

The PRK10 are supplied with a finishing surface treatment (zinc-nickel) suitable to ensure a salt spray resistance up to 600 h (test according to UNI EN ISO 9227 standards and test evaluation according to UNI EN ISO 10289 standards)

The Pressure is adjustable by a socket set screw with locking nut, or by knob.

Product Specification

Description Units
Maximum Working Pressure 350 bar
Maximum Flow Rate 120 l/min
Ambient Temperature Range -20 / +60° C
Fluid Temperature Range -20 / +80° C
Fluid Viscosity Range 10 ÷ 400 cSt
Fluid Contamination Degree
According to
ISO 4406:1999 class 20/18/15
Recommended Viscosity 25 cSt
Mass 0.2 kg
Surface Treatment: Electrolytic Zinc Covering zinc-nickel

Duplomatic – PRK10 – Pilot Operated Pressure Control Valve – Data Sheet

Additional Information

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