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Duplomatic UEIK-11RS – Electronic Control Unit for Single Solenoid Proportional Valve

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Duplomatic Oleodinamica designs and produces a complete range of hydraulic components that are suitable for all application sectors of both industrial and mobile fields.

The Duplomatic UEIK-11RS /52 card is an electronic control unit Eurocard type for closed loop control of single solenoid proportional valves with positional feedback control.

The card controls the position of the valve spool according to the reference input signal enabling linear regulation and reduced hysteresis.

The front panel is fitted with LEDs to indicate card functions and potentiometers to optimise control.

Product Specification

Description Units
Power Supply 22 ÷ 30 Ripple Included
Required Power 20 ÷ 45 W
Power Supply Electrical Protection – Overload
– Polarity Inversion
Reference Signal – Voltage 0 ÷ +10 V
Reference Signal – Current 4 ÷ 20 mA
Input Reference Signal Impedance – Voltage 10 kΩ
Input Reference Signal Impedance – Current 250 Ω
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) In Compliance with 2004/108/CE
Card Size Eurocard 100 x 160 x 35
Connector Interface DIN 41612-D 32 Male
Operating Temperature Range 0 ÷ 50 °C
Mass 0.20 kg

Duplomatic – UEIK-11RS* – Electronic Control Unit for Single Solenoid Proportional Valve with Position Feedback – Data Sheet

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