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  • HUB Series – Hydraulic Rotary Actuators
  • HUB Series – Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

HUB Series – Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

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The Hydraulic Unibody (HUB) series actuator is designed to perform in the harshest environmental conditions. Built with a hard-coat anodized housing and hardened, high-strength alloy steel pinion and racks, this product is ideal for applications where adverse weather can be a factor. The HUB series is designed with several add-on valve modules for lower overall integration costs, as well as an increase in product performance. Multiple feedback and visual indication options are also available.

  • Output torques @ 3000 psi (207 Bar): 1800 lb-in to 10,000 lb-in.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 3000 psi (207 Bar)
  • Operating temperature range: Nitrile seals -40° to 180°F or -40° to 82°C
  • Standard rotations: 90°
  • Rotational tolerance: -0°, +2°
  • Maximum breakaway pressure: 70 psig or 4.8 Bar
  • Mounting orientation: unrestricted
  • Standard timing: keyway in 12:00 position at mid-stroke
  • Recommended filtration: ISO class 17/14 or better

Rack and pinion design provides excellent efficiency characteristics (90-95%) and minimizes Hydraulic Power Unit Size
Minimal heat build-up, limits the need for heat exchangers
Large hollow gears offer more shaft options
HUB series are designed for low wear on dynamic seals and longer life
Excellent in high speed production applications:

  • Cross over vent module – allows for flow between both cylinder ports
  • Counter-balance valve module with cross over vent – designed for load holding in both directions and preventing a run-away load situation from occurring. Also allows for flow between both cylinder ports.
  • D03 Solenoid ready module – manifold block directly mounted to actuator for reduced plumbing and increase in performance

Numerous linear and positional feedback and visual indication options available
Environmentally rugged for reliable performance in harsh conditions

  • Automation/Mounting, Processing, Flood Gate Actuation, End of Arm Tooling
  • Mining/Mobile Longhole Drilling, Tunnel Boring
  • Mobile/Fire Truck Ladder Rotation, Aerial Lift Basket, X-ray Boom Rotation, Forklift Handling & Storage, Refuse Tippers
  • Oil & Gas/Process Valve Actuation
  • Oil Industry Machinery/Clamping, Lockout
  • Water Management

Product Specification

Model Number Max pressure Rating PSI (bar) Output Torque NM @ 1000PSI (69Bar) Output Torque NM @ 2000PSI (138Bar) Output Torque NM @ 3000PSI (207Bar)
HUB018  3000 (207)  600 (68)  1200 (136)  1800 (203)
HUB075  3000 (207)  2500 (283)  5000 (565)  7500 (848)
HUB100  3000 (207)  3300 (373)  6600 (746)  10000 (1130)


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