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Zeus ZH-R – Semi Rotary Actuators

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The Zeus ZH-R Semi Rotary Actuators are designed for long life, suitable for heavy duty applications and available in a wide range of torque outputs. The range comprises both single and double rack versions, the racks being hydraulic driven against a pinion to provide a rotary output.

Zeus Hydratech actuators are designed for maximum mechanical efficiency; the quoted torque figures are 100% and take into account losses within the actuator. The actuators will provide a constant torque output regardless of angular position, torque can be adjusted by regulating the hydraulic system pressure and speed of operation can be controlled by regulating the system flow rate.

Zeus Hydratech actuators are manufactured in alloy steel for industrial applications. Marinised and stainless steel versions are available for the offshore, food and subsea industries. Actuators are fitted with nitrile seals as standard for use with mineral oil up to 80°C. Alternative seals can be supplied for higher temperatures, or to suit other types of hydraulic fluid.

Actuators are supplied finished in enamel paint, they can be supplied in primer only or to marine specification as required.

Positional control can be supplied by end of stroke limit switches, proximity switches or rotary potentiometer for full range resolution.

All actuators can be modified for special requirements, units are available to directly interchange with existing equipment and custom designed models can be supplied if required.

Product Specification

Description Units
Working Pressure 210 bar
Fluids Mineral oils, soluble oils, HWB fluids, and ester based fluids.
Operational Fluid Speeds 500 mm/sec subject to fluid type and pressure.
Temperature Range -10°c to +80°c with standard NBR seals

ZEUS – ZH-R – Semi Rotary Actuators – Datasheet

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