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Make Zeus Hydratech your number one hydraulic partner for component supply,
inspection/repair, system design and bespoke manufacturing

Pump inspection and repair

Hydraulic Pumps, cylinders, valves and power packs can fail due to old age, oil contamination or misuse. Replacement piston and vane pumps are typically
more expensive than repair and frequently on a longer lead time. To ensure your hydraulic system is mobilised as quickly possible, Zeus Hydratech offer a service to collect, inspect and repair your damaged hydraulic components in less than a week. We specialise in repairing pumps, cylinders and actuators from all major manufacturers and issue a 12 month running warranty on all units. All hydraulic components are inspected and checked for evidence of damage or wear in accordance with the original manufacturer’s specification. Prior to any work being completed, a full written report and quotation will be supplied for your approval. On occasions, there are circumstances where your hydraulic unit will be beyond economical repair. For situations such as this, Zeus Hydratech will offer a replacement unit on the quickest available lead time.

Bespoke systems and design

To complement our hydraulic component side of the business, Zeus Hydratech excel in the ability to provide solutions for projects that require a bespoke approach. We have some of the best hydraulic engineering minds at our disposal, with experience in some of the most diverse and extreme hydraulic applications possible. From specialist off-shore projects that utilise hydraulic winch systems for divers 100m below sea level, through to hydraulic power pack systems testing braking systems for the infamous Euro Fighter. Our in-house technicians and design experts take your initial concepts through a process of complete evaluation, detailed drawing preparation, material machining, manufacturing and final testing. Our bespoke hydraulic power pack units, cylinders, manifold blocks and rotary actuators are designed and manufactured in-house ensuring complete quality control. Zeus Hydratech only put their name to the very highest quality Hydraulic components, which is why we provide a back-to-base 12 month warranty against every single part we manufacture. We welcome any enquiries that utilise a hydraulic system; complicated, challenging and unusual applications are all fine by us!

Maintenance and servicing

After investing considerable time and money on a new hydraulic system, it makes sense to protect your investment against premature wear and failure by implementing a suitable maintenance regime. Zeus Hydratech mobile engineers remove the requirement to have an “in house” hydraulic expert. With a combined hydraulic knowledge of over 80 years, we provide the understanding and equipment to complete a full service of your hydraulic system with minimal downtime. The oil that runs through the hydraulic circuit is critical to the longevity of the system but is frequently overlooked.  Regular filter and oil replacement/cleaning make up the largest part of the maintenance process.
Our portable oil cleanliness monitoring also keeps a careful eye on any potential issues arising in your hydraulic system, monitoring for any increase in contamination such as fine metal particles suggesting component failure. Regular servicing of your hydraulic circuit significantly reduces the risk of terminal failure which in turn could mean extensive production downtime.

CAD drawing facility

Zeus Hydratech has in-house design engineers that will turn your conception draft designs into fully rendered 3D images using SolidWorks. The possibilities are limitless; we see the importance of utilising such a system for hydraulic components design, particularly apparent when incorporating components within a customer’s existing project.

Zeus Hydratech distribution agreements

We represent a handpicked selection of some of the most respected manufacturers in the hydraulic industry, including Continental Hydraulics, Daikin, Duplomatic Oleodinamica, Denison, Donaldson & Vickers

Competitive prices and stock availability

We aim to keep the most common pumps and valves available for immediate despatch.