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Unlocking Precision: The Benefits of Utilising Hydraulic Servo Valves

In engineering and industrial realms, precision reigns supreme. Hydraulic servo valves stand as prime examples, finely controlling hydraulic fluid flow via electronic signals. This blog delves into their significance, spotlighting Domin's advancements in energy efficiency, flow performance, and size reduction compared to competitors.

Hydraulic Servo Valves: Precision Defined

Hydraulic servo valves, pivotal in hydraulic systems, operate with electronic precision unlike traditional mechanical valves. Real-time adjustments enable exact positioning, speed control, and force regulation, making them essential for use within multiple industries including aerospace, automotive and multiple facets of the industrial sector such as metalworks, timber, plastics, robotics and test & simulation.

Precision and Accuracy

Hydraulic servo valves ensure unparalleled precision, regulating flow rates for precise actuator control. Whether it's guiding robotic arms, adjusting flight control surfaces, or refining machining tools, exact movements are guaranteed. INEOS Brittania recently discovered the benefits of using Domin's servo valves. They partnered with Domin and were recently supplied with valves to test with the aim of enhancing their race boat for the 37th America's Cup, which commences in October 2024. Able to benefit from the exceptional performance, compact size and minimal leakage of the servo valves, INEOS Brittania will have been able to reduce weight and drag, ultimately improving efficiency and the key factor in a race, overall boat speed. The minimised leakage also will have enabled the team to ensure optimal hydraulic control, to provide an overall boost to performance and reduced loss of energy.

The INEOS Britannia Team operating their sail boat.

Read more about INEOS Brittania's partnership with Domin.

Enhanced Performance

These valves significantly boost system performance by precisely controlling flow rates and pressures. Domin's innovations elevate efficiency and flow performance while reducing valve size and weight, outstripping competitors. Enhanced efficiency translates to cost savings and heightened productivity. Offering rated flows between 0.5 and 250 litres per minute, coupled with minimal response times and low levels of hysterisis, these valves are suitable for a wide array of applications.

Available Valves & Flow Rates:

Valve Series > S4 Pro S6 Pro S6 Pro X S10 Pro
Rated Flow range (l/min) > 0.5-18 18-60 10-63 50-250

Increased Efficiency

Efficiency is paramount, and Domin's advancements in energy efficiency and compactness set new benchmarks. These valves optimise energy usage and minimise waste, potentially offering cost saving of around £300 per valve each year. Domin have packed all this innovation in to compact sized valves, for example, the S6 Pro X Servo valve is 57% smaller than the Woodward 27E, and the S10 Pro is 42% smaller than the Bosch Rexroth valve 4WRPEH 10,  these savings proving particularly vital in applications with space and weight constraints.

Versatility and Adaptability

Hydraulic servo valves adapt seamlessly to diverse applications, from heavy-duty wood or timber machines to robotics, injection moulding and aerospace systems. Domin's compact, lightweight valves excel where space is limited, offering versatility across industries.

A deconstructed view of one of Domi's Servo Valves.


Hydraulic servo valves, epitomising precision, efficiency, and adaptability, revolutionise hydraulic engineering. Domin's commitment to innovation propels the field forward, offering valves that redefine efficiency, flow performance, and compactness. As technology evolves expect hydraulic servo valves, especially those from Domin, to shape the future of hydraulic systems significantly.

Whether via email ( or calling us on +44 (0) 1172 130042, Contact the team at Zeus Hydratech (Domin's Official UK Distributor) with your enquiry for one of these pioneering Domin servo proportional valves today.

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