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The Importance of Industrial Hydraulic Power Units in Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing is a sector that demands precision, efficiency, and unwavering reliability. At the heart of this dynamic environment are Industrial Hydraulic Power Units, which serve as the cornerstone for a multitude of applications. They are integral components that drive the machinery responsible for producing everything from the smallest gadget to the largest pieces of machinery. In this post, we explore why these systems are so vital to the manufacturing industry.

Unmatched Power and Control

Hydraulic power units (HPUs), also known as Hydraulic Power Packs offer a simple, safe and efficient solution, providing a level of force that is not achievable by other means of power, as well as providing rapid and accurate responses to controls. The basic principle of hydraulics - using fluid to transmit energy - allows for the generation of immense power through relatively simple and compact machines, which can be scaled up with size. This strength is essential for handling heavy materials and performing high-precision tasks, both common in manufacturing processes.

Adaptability to Varied Applications

The versatility of HPUs cannot be overstated. Manufacturers can tailor these systems to fit bespoke requirements, often tweaking pressure ratings, flow rates, and the configuration or providing  to suit specific machines or tasks. This adaptability ensures that regardless of the complexity or uniqueness of the production line, from a small CNC machine tool to a large Hydraulic press, hydraulic power can be harnessed effectively.

An industrial machine tool in action, powered by hydraulics.

Reliability and Durability

Industrial environments are notoriously tough, and equipment downtime can incur significant costs. Hydraulic power units are designed with durability in mind, capable of operating under strenuous conditions while maintaining performance. Their dependable nature means fewer interruptions, maximising productivity and ensuring a consistent quality of the manufactured product.

Energy Efficiency

In an age where sustainable practices are increasingly important, HPUs offer an energy-efficient solution to power needs. By using fluid power, these units can achieve more work per unit of energy compared to electrical systems which can suffer from energy loss due to heat production. As a result, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint while also minimising operational costs.

When looking for energy efficient Hydraulic power units, you need to look no further than Daikin's range of Energy Saving Power Packs, the 40 series of the ECORICH and SUPERUNIT hybrid units. These units, offered by Zeus Hydratech, are now powered with the industrial standard 400v, 3ph power supply and utilise the pioneering interior permanent magnet technology to allow them to reduce generation of heat and noise, whilst still achieving peak performance and boosted levels of efficiency. 

A look at the benefits brought by the Daikin IPM motor.

Improved Safety Features

Safety in manufacturing is paramount. Hydraulic systems can be equipped with various valves and overload protection devices to prevent machinery from operating beyond safe limits and potentially blowing seals or hoses. This not only ensures the safety of the workforce but also protects the integrity of the machinery and the quality of the output.

Where Zeus Hydratech Steps In

At Zeus Hydratech, our expertise in designing and building hydraulic power units places us at the forefront of this crucial industry component. Our team works closely with clients across multiple industrial manufacturing divisions to deliver customised HPUs that are robust, efficient, and perfectly integrated into existing systems. Our diligent design process ensures every unit is optimised for its intended application, providing superior performance and longevity.

Two of Zeus Hydratech's Industrail Modular Power Pack range, specifically designed for industrial applications.

Above: A look at Zeus Hydratech's Industrial Range of Power Packs, combining high quality components & manufacturing to achieve a premium result.

Conclusion: A Core Contributor to Industrial Growth

In conclusion, hydraulic power units are more than just components; they are the lifeblood of the manufacturing industry. Their ability to deliver power, control, and reliability on a scalable level makes them indispensable in meeting the demands of today's manufacturing challenges. Zeus Hydratech continues to push the boundaries of hydraulic power technology, ensuring that our clients can always expect the pinnacle of system performance and quality. 

If you would like to discuss your next industrial hydraulic power pack project with us, we would love to hear from you - in the first instance, please send your enquiry to or Tel: +44(0)1172 130042 to speak with one of our technical sales engineers.

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