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Modular Industrial Hydraulic Packs. 

Developed, designed, and manufactured exclusively by Zeus Hydratech, our range of modular hydraulic power packs offer game changing features. Utilising high quality components, design by our time served lead engineers and first class manufacturing methods, the Zeus Hydratech Hydraulic Power Packs should be your first choice for your next hydraulic system.  

During the development of our modular HPU's, our design team carefully considered the following objectives to ensure we supplied a truly game changing design. 

Design objectives for the Zeus Industrial HPU's:  

  • Significantly reduce ingress of contamination to give component longevity. 
  • Create compact & modular design with quick build.
  • Specify high quality components with proven performance for reliability. 
  • Replace hoses with steel tube to remove on-going maintenance. 
  • Utilise only energy efficient IE3 rated motors. 
  • Offer simple 'bolt on' upgrades such as pressure filters. 

Product Features

  • Flow range: 1.4 litres/min - 89 litres/min
  • Max pressure: 260 bar
  • CETOP 03 and 05 Industry standard valve block. 1 - 9 stations
  • Engineered modular design - Power packs can be adapted to meet your exact requirements.
  • All steel tube connections - Removes the need for on-going hose replacements and dramatically reduces the risk of downtime. 
  • Integrated oil filtration filling system - Utilising a Quick Release Coupling (QRC) system - Oil is filtered by the 10 micron filter (No dirty/contaminated oil entering the oil reservoir)
  • Laser cut reservoir lid with seam welded steel connection ports. 
  • High efficiency, 10µ (micron) return filter with integral breather & visual blocking indicator. 
  • Oversized visual oil level gauge to facilitate regular and easy oil level inspections. 
  • Nitrile, single piece reservoir gasket for optimal sealing and resistance to degradation. 
  • Broad range of solenoid control valves including: 12vdc, 24vdc, 110vac & 230vac. 
  • Large range of modular valves including flow control, pressure reducing & PO check. 
  • Fully painted reservoir both inside and out.  
  • Rear ported manifold for simple service hose connections.
  • Visual radial pressure gauge, mounted via industry standard test point.

Optional Upgrades Include: 

  • High pressure, 10µ (micron) filter with visual bypass indicator
  • Electrical, oil low level and high temperature indicator switch
  • Air blast cooler 
  • Oil/Water cooler 
  • Proportional valve control options
  • Electrical control panel options  

"What is an industrial power pack?"

An industrial power pack is a hydraulic system used to generate fluid power for various industrial applications.

"What sectors use industrial power packs?"

Industrial power packs are Hydraulic Power Packs specified for use in the industrial manufacturing sector.

"What are the uses of industrial hydraulic power packs?"

Industrial hydraulic power packs are used for various applications including system test rigs, stress testing, and proving design concepts prior to mass production.

"Where can I find industrial power packs in the UK?"

Zeus Hydratech Limited, based in Bristol, offers high-quality industrial power packs for various sectors.

"What is the difference between an industrial power pack and a hydraulic power pack?"

The terms are often used interchangeably. However, an industrial power pack usually refers to a hydraulic power pack used specifically for industrial applications.

"What is a hydraulic power pack?"

A hydraulic power pack is a self-contained system that generates fluid power used in hydraulic machinery.

"Why choose Zeus Hydratech Limited for industrial power packs?"

Zeus Hydratech Limited is a trusted provider of industrial power packs in the UK, known for our quality products and excellent service.

"What services does Zeus Hydratech Limited offer?"

Zeus Hydratech Limited designs, manufactures, and installs industrial power pack systems.

"Why are hydraulic power packs important in industrial settings?"

Hydraulic power packs provide the necessary power for various industrial machinery and processes, making them essential in many industrial settings.

"What makes a good industrial hydraulic power pack?"

A good industrial hydraulic power pack is reliable, efficient, and designed to meet the specific needs of the application.

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