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Why Daikin Power Packs are the Choice for Industrial Sectors

As well as the standard 200v versions (perfect for CNC machines!), Daikin have developed and are now offering 3-phase, 400 volt versions of their EHU (ECORICH Hybrid Unit), and SUT (SUPERUNIT Hybrid), allowing for seamless integration with the standard Industrial power supply. This allows the industrial sector now to fully take advantage of the unique and innovative range Daikin Power Packs where they may previously have been unable to without the use of transformers.

Optimal Efficiency and Energy Savings

Industrial operations demand equipment that can perform efficiently without compromising on power - and Daikin Power Packs excel in this domain. Now known for their high-efficiency rates, Daikin Power Packs integrate advanced hydraulic technology that minimises energy consumption. This not only translates to significant cost savings for businesses but also reduces the environmental footprint of industrial activities. The innovative design of these power packs allows for smooth operation even under the most demanding conditions, ensuring that your hydraulic systems are both powerful and economical in the long run.

Daikin's new 40 series EHU (ECORICH Hybrid unit) power pack units, and the hybrid SUT's (SUPERUNIT) feature IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) technology derived from their range of air conditioning units allowing them to achieve peak performance and enhanced efficiency whilst minimising the generation of heat and noise. Notably, the 40 Series EHU offers a 9% weight saving and is 30% more energy efficient than it's predecessor, the 30 series.

Unmatched Durability and Robustness

In environments where machinery is subjected to intense strain, durability is paramount. The robust construction of the different Daikin Power Packs means they are engineered to withstand the rigours of industrial use, ensuring that they can endure the toughest operating conditions without faltering. With premium quality materials and a solid build, investing in a Daikin Power Pack is an investment that pays off through its extended lifespan and consistent performance, giving you the peace of mind that your hydraulic systems will operate reliably for years to come.

Customisation and Versatility

The capacity to tailor solutions to specific requirements is crucial in diverse industrial sectors. Different types of Daikin Power Packs, be it an EHU or SUPERUNIT, each boast an impressive range of customisation options to fit your unique industrial needs. Whether your application requires specific pressure settings, flow rates, a particular configuration, or additional components, Daikin Power Packs can be adapted accordingly. Their versatility makes them suitable for various applications, thereby ensuring that you have a hydraulic solution that is precisely tailored to your operational demands.

See our guide on customising your Daikin Power Pack here.

Advanced Technology Integration

In an age where technological advancements are pivotal, the Daikin Power Pack represents the forefront of hydraulic power technology. Incorporating state-of-the-art features such as their IPM technology, the power packs provide enhanced precision in operation. This level of control is essential for applications that require meticulous power management and contributes to the efficiency and safety of your hydraulic systems. Furthermore, such technological integration facilitates easier maintenance and troubleshooting, resulting in less downtime for your operations.

Above: An in depth exerpt from a Daikin manual, detailing their pioneering IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) Technology, allowing for efficient, high torque results whilst also reducing noise and heat generation.

Exceptional Support and Service

At Zeus Hydratech, we understand that after-sales support is just as important as the quality of the product itself. That's why with every Daikin Power Pack purchase, we offer exemplary customer service and technical support to address any concerns or queries you may have. Our team of expert technicians is ready to assist you with installation, commissioning, and maintenance tasks to ensure your power pack operates at peak performance. Choosing a Daikin Power Pack allows you to benefit not only from a superior hydraulic solution but also from a partnership with professionals committed to your satisfaction.

For those in the industrial sectors seeking a hydraulic power system that embodies efficiency, durability, customisation, and cutting-edge technology, Daikin Power Packs always prove to be an unparalleled choice. Their exceptional features meet the demands of various applications, making them a versatile component in any hydraulic setup. Opt for a Daikin Power Pack, whether it's an ECORICH Hybrid Unit or a SUPERUNIT, and elevate the performance and reliability of your industrial operations today.

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