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Continental Hydraulics - Cetop 3. P03MSV-PDR Pressure Reducing / Relieving Valve

Continental Hydraulics
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Continental Hydraulics are at the forefront of engineering hydraulic solutions for over 50 years-a testament to a long-standing reputation built upon your challenges and opportunities. A worldwide leader- a one-stop-shop for valves, pumps, power units and proportional products-all assembled in the USA.

The Continental Hydraulics - P03MSV-PDR valve is a modular three-way spool type direct operated pressure reducing / relieving valve. It is available with fixed or variable adjustment. This valve is available with reduced pressure control on port A, B or P. The valve construction provides good adjustment sensitivity with reduced drainage flow. The drainage is connected to line T inside the valve. The three-way design provides protection of the secondary circuit from pressure surges since it allows a reverse flow from the actuator to the T discharge line.

The variable adjustment version is supplied with a hexagonal head adjustment screw. The fixed adjustment version is available preset to 285 psi (20 bar) 360 psi (25 bar) or 430 psi (30 bar) pressure. The valve is normally open passing hydraulic fluid freely from P to P1 until the control port pressure reaches the pressure setting. The valve will shift to deliver just enough flow to maintain the controlled pressure. The valve will divert flow to the T port to relieve the control port pressure when it exceeds the pressure setting.

Description Units
Maximum Operating Pressure  5000 PSI (350 bar)
Maximum Pressure  145 PSI (10 bar)
Controlled Lines Maximum Flow Rate  13 gpm (50 L/min)
Free Lines Maximum Flow Rate   20 gpm (75 L/min)
Drainage Maximum Flow Rate ≤ 4.9 in³/min ≤ 0.08 l/min
Mounting Surface  NFPA D03 ISO 4401-03-02-0-05
Weight 1.4 Kg

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Vat Reg Number: 846644204 Company Registration Number: 5230249

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