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Continental Hydraulics PowrFlow™ HPVR-29 Axial Piston Pump, 65cc/rev

Continental Hydraulics
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Higher pressure HPVR-29B40, inline axial piston variable displacement pump.

  • Continuous operating pressure: 275 Bar
  • Peak operating pressure: 310 Bar
  • 65 cc/rev
  • 94.2 LPM @ 1450 RPM
  • SAE "C" 2 bolt mounting flange

*Please note: The Continental HPV range is no longer manufactured and has been replaced by the new HPVR pumps.

The new HPVR pumps feature increased pressure capability, reduced weight, increased component strength, quieter running and further improved reliability. 

The HPVR pumps are available in five displacements and three compact frame sizes. These pumps feature medium-high working pressure capabilities that will meet most applications.

The output flow and pressure is controlled by a variety of control options, and can easily work in conjunction with external control components making them the perfect choice for almost any application.

The HPVR series pumps are available in both SAE and ISO mounting 2 bolt patterns. Porting is available in rear and side locations as well as thru-drive configurations.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous operating pressure of 275 Bar 
  • Simple Construction for long, dependable service.
  • More contamination-tolerant than competitive pumps to improve dependability and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Quiet operation simplifies meeting system sound level standards.
  • Economical - low overall cost for a high performance variable volume pump.
  • Efficient, energy-saving design.

Description Units
Volumetric Displacement 3.97 cu. in/rev / 65 ml/rev
Pump Delivery @ 1750 rpm GPM 29.0 GPM /108.25 LPM
Operating Pressures Intermittent 4500 PSI / 310 Bar
Operating Pressures Continuous 4000 psi / 276 bar
Operating Pressures Minimum 200 psi / 14 bar
Rated Operating Speeds 1750 RPM
Minimum Operating Speeds 500 RPM
Power Input @ 1750 rpm Rated Flow & Pressure 82 hp / 62 kw
Case Drain Flow @ Deadhead & Rated Pressure 1.9 gpm / 7.2 lpm
Mounting Flange Keyed Shaft SAE Type "C" 2-Bolt
Mounting Flange Spline Shaft SAE Type "C" 2-Bolt
Shipping Weight Rear Ports 75 lbs / 34.0 Kg
Shipping Weight Side Ports 90 lbs / 41.0 Kg
Shipping Weight Tandem Ports 100 lbs / 45.5 Kg

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Vat Reg Number: 846644204 Company Registration Number: 5230249

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