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Daikin EHU25-L04-A-30-032 - Power Pack

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Daikin's lightweight design incorporates energy saving motor technology to significantly reduce energy consumption. High performance components deliver strong flow and pressure carefully packaged in a compact design.

Product Features
  • Energy Saving
  • High Speed Response
  • Compact Design and Resource Saving
  • Autonomous Energy-Saving Pressure-Flow Rate Control
  • Easy Installation and Easy Operation

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The 30 series shown on this page is no longer manufactured (production ceased in September 2017) and have now been replaced the new 40 series. To replace your old 30 series  power pack unit, please contact us to confirm the correct part number and specification. You can view the full range of 40 series units here. 

Looking to repair your EHU?

Although the 30 series EHU's are no longer manufactured, we do still carry spare parts to repair your existing Daikin EHU 30 series unit .  Please call +44(0)1172 130042 or Email with your EHU part number and serial number for availability.  

Zeus Hydratech also has a dedicated test rig facility for the Daikin EHU units which means we can diagnose any faults and repair them for you, typically in under 24 hours.  

Special OEM versions

The Daikin EHU hydraulic power packs are used extensively in many machine tool centers from the following manufacturers: Doosan, Makino, Citizen, Hyundai, Mazak and Traub Index.

The following special OEM versions are also available directly from Zeus Hydratech Ltd. 













Model Code Motor Capacity (Equivalent) Tank Capacity Maximum Operating Pressure Maximum Flow Rate Weight
EHU14-L04 0.75 kw 10 L 4.0 MPa 14.0 L/min 43 kg
EHU25-L04 1.5 kw 10 L 4.0 MPa 25.0 L/min 43 kg
EHU25-M07 2.2 kw 10 L 7.0 MPa 25.0 L/min 45 kg
EHU25-M07 2.8 kw 10 L 7.0 MPa 25.0 L/min 46 kg
EHU30-M07 2.8 kw 10 L 6.0 MPa 28.5 L/min 46 kg

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