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Daikin SGB - Low Pressure Reducing Valve

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  • The Daikin SGB Low Pressure Reducing Valve is used when pressure in a partial oil circuit is set lower than the main circuit.
  • Even if the primary main circuit varies, the secondary pressure can be kept constant.
  • If a remote control relief valve is connected to a vent port, the branch circuit pressure can be controlled.
  • The option to prevent surge pressure is available.

Description SGB-G03-1-20
 Nominal Diameter 3/8 "
 Max Operating Pressure 14 MPa {140 kgf/cm²}
 Pressure Adjusting Range  0.15 ~ 7 MPa {1.5 ~ 70 kgf/cm²}
 Max Flow Rate 30 L/min
 Weight 3.5 Kg

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Vat Reg Number: 846644204 Company Registration Number: 5230249

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