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Denison PV15 - Piston Pump for Open Circuits

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The PV series pumps are variable displacement open circuit piston pumps with a design emphasis on operation economy. These axial piston pumps for open loop operation are suitable for rear drive in the PVT series configuration. The PV pumps have a displacement of 0.88 to 7.93 cu. in/rev. (14,4 to 130,0 cc/rev.) with a continuous working pressure up to 4000 psi (280 bar): The pumps can be equipped with a pressure compensator, ventable compensator, load sensing or power limit control.


The PV pumps have been designed to operate in a wide range of applications in industries where high pressure and variable flow are required at competitive cost. These pumps are designed to operate in any position. The mounting hub and two bolt mounting flange are in conformance with SAE standards. The pump shaft must be in alignment with the shaft of the source driver and should be checked with a dial indicator. The mating pilot bore and coupling must be concentric. This concentricity is particularly important if the shaft is rigidly connected to the driven load without a flexible coupling.

Input Shaft Information

The shafts will accept a maximum misalignment of 0.002 in. (0,06mm) total indicator reading when the pump is foot mounted and 0.001 in. (0,03 mm) when flange mounted. Angular misalignment at the male and female spline axis must be less than ±0,002 inch per inch radius (± 0,002 mm/mm). The coupling interface must be lubricated. DENISON recommends lithium molydisulfide or similar grease. The female coupling should be hardened to 27/34 Rc and must conform to SAE-J498c, class 5 flat root side fit.


High strength heat treated keys must be used. Replacement keys must be hardened to 27-34 Rc. The key corners must be chamfered 0.03 - 0.04 in. (0,75-1,0 mm) at 45° to clear radii that exist in the keyway.

Side Load Capability

The PV series is designed for inline-drive and side loading on the shaft is not recommended. If this is unavoidable consult your nearest DENISON HYDRAULICS representative.

Direct Equivalent

Replace your old Denison PV with the Continental HPV range of piston pumps. Output flow sizes are equal to the Denison pumps including the 6, 10, 15, 20 and 29 gallons per minute @ 1750 RPM units.  Contact us with your Denison PV part number for a direct Continental hydraulics HPV replacement pump.

Description PV15
 Displacement 2.09 in³/rev {34.2 cm³/rev}
 Continuous Pressure 3500 psi {240 bar}
 Intermittent Pressure 4500 psi {310 bar}
 Max Speed 2500 rpm
Rotating Inertia 7.87 lb in² {.00233 kg m²}
Off-Stroke Compensator Response 50 ms
On-Stroke Compensator Response 120 ms
Max Compensator Setting 4000 psi {276 bar}
Compensator Adjustment 650 psi/turn {44.8 bar/turn}
Minimum Inlet at 1800 rpm -6.1 in-Hg {-155 mm-Hg}
Maximum Inlet Pressure 50 psi {3.4 bar}
Maximum Case Pressure 10 psi {0.7 bar}
Input Mounting 101-2 (B)
Weight 43 lb {20 kg}

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