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Donaldson P565858 - TRAP Breather

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Keep moisture and dirt OUT of your hydraulic reservoir with Donaldson’s innovative new technology, the Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection (T.R.A.P.™) breather! This is an entirely new technology that provides better protection for your oil or hydraulic fluid. It senses moisture and begins working faster and lasts longer than desiccant breathers. Patented T.R.A.P. media regenerates its water-holding capacity, which leads to longer service life. Competitive testing revealed that T.R.A.P. breathers continued performing beyond 3,000 cycles while silica gel breathers significantly declined in efficiency at less than 2,000 cycles.


  • Reacts faster—Senses and begins removing moisture at low 15% RELATIVE HUMIDITY
  • Signals change out—Indicates need for change out with flashing red light
  • Lasts longer—Exhales moisture with every flow cycle, regenerating its water-holding capacity.
  • better accommodates the short cycles of hydraulic circuits.
  • Installs easily—Lightweight; simply hand tighten
  • Adapts—Suits both mobile and industrial applications

Description P566037
Construction  Epoxy Coated Steel
Connection 3/4"
Air Flow  25 CFM Max
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Vat Reg Number: 846644204 Company Registration Number: 5230249

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