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Habor HJ Series Oil Cooler

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HJ Series

Oil cooler for cutting fluids 

Habor refrigeration chillers (utilised in both oil and water-cooling installations) are manufactured in Taiwan. The Habor range of chillers is broad and can be found in multiple applications including, precision CNC machine tools & spark errosion processes (for cooling their hydraulic systems and cooling of cutting fluids.

The Habor chillers have been precision engineered to deliver accurate fluid temperature control for optimal performance and reliability.

The HJ range has been designed specifically for use with cutting liquids. 


  • Prevents premature deterioration of oil therefore prolonging oil life
  • Open coil design prevents blockages associated with circulation systems
  • Maintains a stable dielectric fluid which in turns improved process quality 
  • Significantly reduces air born pollution and odours 
  • Provides accurate temperature management to ensure sensitive components, I.e. spindles and gear units can operate at their peak efficiency
  • Simple operation system with built in logger and feedback
  • Manufactured from anti-corrosive materials

Looking to repair your chiller?

We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts to repair your existing Habor chiller unit . Please call +44(0)1172 130042 or Email with your chiller part and serial number for availability.  

Downloads & Datasheets

Model Number HJ-250S HJ-400S HJ-600S HJ-750S HJ-900S HJ-1000S HJ-2RS
Cooling capacity KCAL/H. 50/60Hz 840/1000 1400/1500 1700/2100 2600/3000 3200/3800 3750/4500 5000/6000
Cooling capacity W. 50/60Hz 980/1170 1630/1750 1980/2450 3030/3500 3700/4400 4360/5240 5820/6980
Cooling capacity BTU/H. 50/60Hz 3360/4000 5600/6000 6800/8400 10000/12000 12800/15200 15000/18000 20000/24000
Temperature controller: A Fixed temperature control type (setting range 10~40°C)
Temperature controller: Differential temperature control type (tacing ambient/machine body temperature (setting range -9.9~+9.9°C)
Use range. Ambient Temp °C 10~40°C (Standard) 
Use range. Oil Temp °C 10~45°C
Power source 3Ø 200~230V 5060Hz
Motor. Compressor 478 845 1185 1500 1700 2480
Motor. Fan 50 95 125 180 350
Piping diameter. Inlet PT 1"
Piping diameter. Outlet PT 1"
Dimension WxDxH (mm)  368x445x1275 408x454x1420 434x970x1035 547X604X1500 620X1080X1260
Weight (kg) 90 96 108 150 208
Noise level (dB)  Below 70 dB(A) Below 80 dB (A)

Please note: 

1: The above cooling capacity is based on the condition of ambient temperature 35°C, outlet oil temperature 35°C with oil type ISO VG32. 

2: Please contact us for special applications - we will be able to advise on the best unit for your specific application.

3: Different voltages are also avaiable, please specify when you make contact. 

4: Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.

5: The oil tank is an optional components, please specifiy if this is required when making your enquiry. 

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