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Mini DC Hydraulic Electro-pumps

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Zeus Hydratech are pleased to offer the Hydronit EPB (Electro-pumps BULL) range of Hydraulic DC Electro-pumps. Offering a wide range of options for multiple different applications, utilising Group 0 and Group 1 Hydraulic gear pumps, these units are versatile and reliable options for when you need a simple yet effective DC Hydraulic pump-motor system. There is a substantial range of gear pumps, electric motors, flanges and accessories incuding relief valves, manifolds and foot-mounting available for these.

Multiple selections for the DC electro-pumps use the same gear pumps and electric motors as the Micro Hydraulic Power Packs, and the Compact Hydraulic Power Packs.

What applications are DC Electro-pumps suitable for?

The DC Electro-pumps BULL range of mini Hydraulic power packs have been designed mainly for battery powered mobile & marine applications. Despite this, due to their versatility and reliability, these systems have also been noted for use in various multiple applications including (but not limited to!) hydraulic platforms, truck tail lifts, lubrication systems, transporters, various other automotive applications and telescopic handlers.

Product Features

  • Flow range: 0.3 ~ 24 litres/minute
  • Pump displacement range: 0.19 - 7.9 cc/rev (Lateral threaded port pumps available)
  • Pressure: Up to 300 bar
  • Motors:  Up to 4kW, 12, 24 & 48 VDC
  • Forced Ventilation for high cycle times
  • Same Pumps and motors used as the Micro and Compact units.
  • Wide range of customisation available: Pressure gauges, remote control & check valves all available.
  • Optional Relief Valve, starter switch, thermal protection and foot mounting
  • 100% tested before delivery.
Downloads & Datasheets

There is a vast range of specifications available for the DC Hydraulic Electro-pumps, please view the full list via the Catalogue in the downloads section.

"Why choose Zeus Hydratech for mini hydraulic power packs?"

Zeus Hydratech is a leading manufacturer in the UK, known for our quality, efficiency, and bespoke solutions for various sectors.

"What is the difference between a compact hydraulic power pack and a mini hydraulic power pack?"

The terms are often used interchangeably. Both refer to small, self-contained units that generate hydraulic power.

"How does a compact hydraulic power unit work?"

A compact hydraulic power unit works by converting mechanical power into hydraulic power through the use of a pump, motor, and reservoir.

"What are the uses of a mini hydraulic power pack?"

Mini hydraulic power packs are used in industrial, marine, aerospace, and motorsport sectors for manufacturing and system testing.

"What is a mini hydraulic power pack?"

A mini hydraulic power pack is a compact, self-contained unit that generates fluid power for various applications.

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