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Model 6WB Wheel Drive, Auburn Gear

Auburn Gear
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Auburn Gear Power Wheel Drives have provenance in multiple sectors including off-road mobile equipment, agricultural vehicles and offshore applications. 

Zeus Hydratech have extensive experience specifically with the 6 series wheel drive specified into offshore winch applications (for Launch and Recovery equipment)

Model 6 Headline Performance: 

  • Maximum continuous Torque - 25,000 lbf-in (2,900 N-m)
  • Maximum Intermittent Output Torque - 50,000 lbf-in (5,700 N-m)
  • Maximum Radial Load - 14, 400 lbs (6,500 Kgf)
  • Maximum Input Speed: 3,500 rpm (single reduction) - 5,000 rpm (Double reduction)
  • Ratio Range: 3.50 ~ 33.79:1
  • Hydraulic Motor Mounting: SAE "A" or "B"
  • Optional integral parking safety brake 
  • Multiple wheel stud options available 

The Auburn Gear range of wheel drives is incredibly comprehensive and ranges from the Model 6 with maximum intermittent output torque of 5,700 N-m right through to the Model 350 which has maximum intermittent output torque of 39,600 N-m 

You can be assured, Auburn Gear have a suitable planetary wheel drive for pretty much any application you may have - please Contact Us to discuss your project requirements.  

See Download section below for each of the data sheets and catalogues. 

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