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Nachi OG-G01 - Pressure Reducing Valve

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Nachi's hydraulic equipment plays an essential role in power and controlling in the construction machine industry. The Nachi OG-G01 is a standard pressure reducing modular valve. Pressure reducing modular valves are the most common type of modular valve, and are used to limit the pressure in a set area of the machine, reducing the flow. Even when the pressure in the main part of the machine is changed, these valves allow you to maintain the reduced secondary pressure at a constant level. The OG-G01 is available with P port control. The G01 designation corresponds to the mounting surface which accords to the ISO 4401 CETOP 03 (NG6) standards, allowing for quick assembly using tie-rods or bolts.

Nachi Modular Pressure reducing valves are also available in different mounting sizes including G03 (CETOP 05), and G04 (CETOP 07) allowing for higher maximum values of both working pressure and flow rate.

Zeus Hydratech keep a selection of the Nachi OG-G01 Pressure Reducing valves in stock- Contact us today to place your order for immediate dispatch. Email us or call on +44 (0) 1172130042.

Model No. OG-G01-PC-20 OG-G01-P1-20 OG-G01-P2-20
Nominal Diameter (size) 1/8
Maximum Working Pressure (bar) 250
Maximum Flow Rate (l/min) 50
Pressure adjustment range (bar) 1.5 to 35 8 to 70 35 to 160
Weight (kg) 1.3 1.3 1.3
Gasket Surface Dimensions ISO 4401-03-02-0-05


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