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Nachi PVS - Variable Volume Piston Pump

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Nachi are a world-class manufacturer of pumps, valves, flow controls, hydraulic power units and other products. Known not only for product excellence but for our competitive pricing and product availability.

The PVS Series from Nachi offers a displacement range from 8 - 45cc/rev and continuous pressure of 210 bar.

The NACHI-proprietary semi-circular barrel swash plate that receives pressure on its surface always ensures a stable discharge volume. This eliminates excess discharge volume and enables the effective use of power corresponding to the load cycle. This "energy-saving type" conserves energy, reduces power loss, and helps to reduce hydraulic costs.

Low vibration and noise levels

Proprietary low-noise mechanisms are incorporated on the shoe, swash plate, valve plate, and other locations to ensure silent operation. A semi-circular barrel swash plate stabilizes operation characteristics to ensure silent operation.

The new mechanisms reduces vibration and noise levels. Of particular note is the unique and exclusive threepoint support system which uses, a regulating piston and a bias piston to eliminate vibration. The mechanism, together with improvements to the shape of the inlet and outlet ports and high performance journal bearings, has reduced the noise level during operation.

High efficiency operation with reduced power loss

Efficiency has been improved with the new mechanisms and Nachi's high precision machining technology. Power loss has been reduced, especially during dead-heading.

Easy adjusting in maintenance and handling

Maintenance is easier due to the positioning of the pressure adjusting mechanism and the volume adjusting mechanism on the same side of the pump.

Description PVS-0B-8*0-E30 PVS-1B-16*0-(*)-E13 PVS-1B-22*0--(*)-E13 PVS-2B-35*0--(*)-E13 PVS-2B-45*0--(*)-E13
Volume 8.0 cm³/rev (0.49 in³/rev) 16.5 cm³/rev (1.01 in³/rev) 22.0 cm³/rev (1.34 in³/rev) 35 cm³/rev (2.14 in³/rev) 45.0 cm³/rev (2.76 in³/rev)
Discharge Volume at 1000 min 8.0 L/min (2.1 gpm) 16.5 L/min (4.4 gpm) 22.0 L/min (5.8 gpm) 35.0 L/min (9.2 gpm) 45.0 L/min (11.9 gpm)
Discharge Volume at 1200 min 9.6 L/min (2.5 gpm) 19.8 L/min (5.2 gpm) 26.4 L/min (7.0 gpm) 42.0 L/min (11.1 gpm) 54.0 L/min (14.3 gpm)
Discharge Volume at 1500 min 12.0 L/min (3.2 gpm) 24.7 L/min (6.5 gpm) 33.0 L/min (8.7 gpm) 52.5 L/min (13.9 gpm) 67.5 L/min (17.9 gpm)
Discharge Volume at 1800 min 14.4 L/min (3.8 gpm) 29.7 L/min (7.8 gpm) 39.6 L/min (10.5 gpm) 63.0 L/min (16.6 gpm) 81.0 L/min (21.5 gpm)
Allowable peak pressure 25 MPa (3643 PSI) 25 MPa (3643 PSI) 25 MPa (3643 PSI) 25 MPa (3643 PSI) 25 MPa (3643 PSI)
Min Revolution Speed 500 min¹ 500 min¹ 500 min¹ 500 min¹ 500 min¹
Max Revolution Speed 2000 min¹ 2000 min¹ 2000 min¹ 2000 min¹ 2000 min¹
Weight 17.0 Lb 23.0 Lb 23.0 Lb 51.0 Lb 51.0 Lb

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