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NDR151-102*-30 Hydraulic Power Pack

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Daikin NDR151-102*-30 series Rotor Pack - Hydraulic power pack. 

Utilsed extensively in CNC machine tools due to their compact and low noise design, the NDR features class leading benefits. 

  • Incredibly low noise level achieved at 60 Hz (A) operating speed, suitable for noise sensitive applications.
  • High reliability - Carefree maintenance, there is no requirement to replace the pump seal.
  • Low oil temperature rise - Suppressing the oil temperature rise to lower than 15°C eliminates machine heat strain.
  • Compact design - Available either as a vertical or horizontal.
  • Solenoid operated valve - A solenoid valve can be mounted on NDR081 and NDR151.

Looking to repair your NDR?

If you need any spare parts to repair your NDR hydraulic power pack, we carry a broad inventory to help get your unit operational as quickly as possible.  Please call +44(0)1172 130042 or Email with your NDR part number and serial number for parts availability.  

Description NDR081-071*-30 NDR151-102*-30 NDR151-103*-30
 Displacement Volume 8 cm³/rev 14.8 cm³/rev  14.8 cm³/rev
 Motor Capacity Output/Pole No 0.75 KW/4P 1.5 KW/4P 2.2 KW/4P
 Tank Volume  7 Ltr 10 Ltr 10 Ltr
 Max Operating Pressure70 Bar 70 Bar 70 Bar 70 Bar
Displacement Volume Set at Factory (50Hz) 11.7 L/min 20.8 L/min 20.8 L/min
Displacement Volume Set at Factory (60 Hz) 14 L/min 25 L/min  25 L/min
 Pressure Set at Factory 35 Bar 35 Bar 70 Bar
Oil Cooler Motor Input 16/17.6 W 16/17.6 W 16/17.6 W
Description NDR231-203-30 NDR231-305-30 NDR381-305 -30
 Displacement Volume 24.4 cm³/rev 24.4 cm³/rev 37.7 cm³/rev
 Motor Capacity Output/Pole No 2.2 KW/4P 3.7 KW/4P 3.7 KW/4P
 Tank Volume 20 Ltr 30 Ltr 30 Ltr
 Max Operating Pressure 70 Bar 70 Bar 70 Bar
 Displacement Volume Set at Factory (50Hz) 35 L/min 35 L/min 53.5 L/min
 Displacement Volume Set at Factory (60 Hz) 42 L/min 42 L/min  64 L/min
 Pressure Set at Factory 35 Bar 70 Bar 35 Bar
Oil Cooler Motor Input 35.5/39.1 W 35.5/39.1 W 35.5/39.1 W

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