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Sauer Danfoss VMP - Orbital Motors

Sauer Danfoss
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Made by Sauer Danfoss a world leader within production of low speed orbital motors with high torque. Appealing to a large number of applications and a part of the program is characterised by motors that can be adapted to the following applications:

  •    Construction
  •    Agricultural
  •    Material handling & Lifting
  •    Forestry
  •    Lawn & turf equipment
  •    Special purpose
  •    Machine tools & stationary
  •    Marine equipment

We can offer more than 3,000 different orbital motors, categorised in types, variants and sizes (including different shaft versions, motor sizes and torques).

Characteristic features:
  •    Smooth running over the entire speed range
  •   Constant operating torque over a wide speed range
  •   Long life under extreme operating conditions
  •   High return pressure without the use of drain line (High pressure shaft seal)
  •   High efficiency
  •   High starting torque
  •   Robust and compact design
  •   High radial and axial bearing capacity
  •   For applications in both open and closed loop hydraulic systems
  •   Suitable for a wide variety of hydraulics fluids

Model L max Weight
VMP 50 134.9 mm 4.9 kg
VMP 80 138.8 mm 5.0 kg
VMP 100 141.4 mm 5.2 kg
VMP 125 145.1 mm 5.3 kg
VMP 160 149.2 mm 5.5 kg
VMP 200 154.4 mm 5.7 kg
VMP 250 160.9 mm 5.9 kg
VMP 315 169.3 mm 6.2 kg

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