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Torqmaster - Semi Rotary Actuators

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The Torqmaster Semi Rotary Actuators are of a rack and pinion construction providing constant torque over the total rotation. They are designed for long life and arduous duty over many cycles. Gear teeth materials and processes are carefully selected to ensure the maximum in performance and reliability. Operating Principle: In most cases, the Torqmaster incorporates twin rack pistons which operate on a centrally located pinion/output shaft.  Pressure applied to the piston moves the rack against the pinion creating rotary movement. In the case of twin rack models, pressure and flow is applied to alternate ends of the Torqmaster via internal transfer tubes. Four port models are available, see TM30. Features:

  • Constant torque: Regardless of shaft angular position, predictable, positive, constant, mechanically balanced torque is produced in either direction.
  • Balanced Bearings: Twin rack construction ensures the pinion shaft bearing is balanced by each rack under pressure.
  • Variable speed: Speed can be varied by adjusting the hydraulic flow rate.
  • Variable Torque: Torque can be varied by adjusting the hydraulic pressure. Efficiency: 100% volumetric efficiency. Mechanical losses within the actuator have already been taken into account in the published torque figures.
  • Cushioning – Option 360: Cushioning is available as an optional extra to slow down operation at the end of stroke. Normally effective over the last 10 to 15 degrees of stroke in each direction.  Note, if cushioning is used with end stops (Option 632) the end stop adjustment reduces the length of cushioning accordingly.
  • End Stops – Option 631: End stops are available as an optional extra to trim the stroke. Each adjuster can reduce the total rotation by ten degrees.
  • Combined Cushioning and End Stops – Option 633: To ensure that cushioning is maintained irrespective of end stop rotation position. This feature is an optional extra on TM12, TM30, MT50, TM140 and TM300 models. Cushioning commences approximately 15 degrees from the end of rotation.
  • Economy: Torqmaster is more compact than a hydraulic cylinder with crank arm and more reliable than an electric motor and gearbox. Rated for continuous industrial duty, it is idea for continuous automation requirements, subject to speed of operation and suitability of the hydraulic circuit control system and inertial loads. Please check with our application department for suitability of your selection.


  • Output torques 208Nm To 42kNm at 210 bar
  • Eleven model sizes TM1 through to TM300
  • Male plain, splined and hollow shaft options
  • Cushioning and end stop options
  • Standard rotations 100°, 190°, 280° and 370°
  • Intermediate rotation
  • Two port facility simplifies pipework installation
  • Valve Actuators with mounting stool, manual override and spring return
  • Position indication options
  • First Level certification for naval applications
  • Also available in NAB, INCONEL 725, MONEL K500 and stainless steel


  • Ball and Butterfly valve actuation
  • Crane grabs
  • Machine guards
  • Coal mining machines
  • Turn-over machines
  • Door operation and Security gates
  • Machine loading systems
  • Transfer line walking beams
  • Rubber production
  • Car production automation systems
  • Paper machinery and Marking machines
  • Sub-sea R.O.V. actuators
  • Submarine hatches

Model Number Single rack Theoretical Output Torque @ 1000PSI (70bar) Theoretical Output Torque @ 1500PSI (100bar) Theoretical Output Torque @ 2000PSI (140bar) Theoretical Output Torque @ 3000PSI (210bar)
TM1  65NM (600LB.f.ins)  100NM (900LB.f.ins)  135NM (1200LB.f.ins)  208NM (1850LB.f.ins)
TM2  135NM (1200LB.f.ins)  206NM (1822LB.f.ins)  278NM (2460LB.f.ins)  418NM (3700LB.f.ins)
MT3  230NM (2000LB.f.ins)  348NM (3080LB.f.ins)  4658NM (4110LB.f.ins)  -NM (-LB.f.ins)
MT6  290NM (2600LB.f.ins)  444NM (3925LB.f.ins)  590NM (5240LB.f.ins)  875NM (7735LB.f.ins)
TM12  580NM (5000LB.f.ins)  880NM (7780LB.f.ins)  1170NM (10350LB.f.ins)  1750NM (15500LB.f.ins)
MT20  1000NM (9000LB.f.ins)  1530NM (13520LB.f.ins)  2035NM (18000LB.f.ins)  3015NM (15500LB.f.ins)
TM30  1485NM (13142LB.f.ins)  2230NM (19735LB.f.ins)  2970NM (26285LB.f.ins)  4460NM (39472LB.f.ins)
MT50  2500NM (22500LB.f.ins)  3800NM (33700LB.f.ins)  5100NM (45000LB.f.ins)  7486NM (66389LB.f.ins)
MT100  5000NM (45000LB.f.ins)  7600NM (67100LB.f.ins)  10150NM (90000LB.f.ins)  14972NM (132187LB.f.ins)
TM140  7000NM (62000LB.f.ins)  10500NM (93000LB.f.ins)  14000NM (124000LB.f.ins)  20000NM (185000LB.f.ins)
TM300  15000NM (132000LB.f.ins)  21400NM (190000LB.f.ins)  30000NM (265000LB.f.ins)  42000NM (375000LB.f.ins)

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