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Zeus ZH-B - Bolted Hydraulic Cylinders

Zeus Hydratech
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These heavy duty flanged type cylinders are manufactured to the most exacting standards. With bore sizes and mounting dimensions in accordance with ISO 6022, CETOP standard R73H and BS6331 Pt3, DIN 24333. The range offers a choice of mounting arrangements, including trunnion and clevis pin mountings, and represent the best in modern cylinder design. 

Barrels are made from precision honed steel tubing and rods are hard chrome plated steel. End covers are bolted flanged configurations to permit easy maintenance. The cylinders incorporate captive air bleeds and cushion adjuster valves at each end of stroke.The piston rod gland seal and wiper are designed for ease of servicing.

The piston and piston rod are supported by substantial bearings. All ‘O’rings have back-up rings to prevent extrusion. Solid mechanical locking secures the piston to rod and gland bearing is positioned to ensure good lubrication.

Description Units
Working Pressure 250 bar
Fluids Mineral oils, soluble oils, HWB fluids, and ester based fluids.
Operational Fluid Speeds 500 mm/sec subject to fluid type and pressure.
Temperature Range -10°c to 80°c with standard NBR seals

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Vat Reg Number: 846644204 Company Registration Number: 5230249

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