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Zeus ZH-W - Welded Hydraulic Cylinder

Zeus Hydratech
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Series ZH-W hydraulic cylinders are available in Industrial and Marine specifications, they are of a heavy duty welded construction and are available in a wide range of mounting styles together with accessories and options enabling them to be used for a wide range of applications. All designs are created utilising 3D design software, which can then be exported, enabling customers to import the cylinder or actuator model directly into their own machine design.

Component parts are manufactured using latest CNC machinery ensuring part interchangability, we carry stocks of components enabling us to offer quickturn round on new cylinders and service items, all cylinders are tested to 1.5 x the designed working pressure. Series ZH-W hydraulic cylinders are designed with generous internal bearing lengths, using high quality materials in their construction together with proven seal types and a choice of sealing systems and materials.

All Series ZH-W hydraulic cylinders can be supplied with custom designed mountings, internal full displacement positional transducers, end of stroke sensors, seals for all types of hydraulic fluids and operational speeds together with control valve packages having valves built directly into the cylinder end cap or manifolded onto the cylinder.The cylinders are supplied as standard in satin black enamel paint, but can be supplied with external surfaces plated or shotblasted and marine specification painted.

Description Units
Working Pressure 250 bar
Fluids Mineral oils, soluble oils, HWB fluids, and ester based fluids.
Operational Fluid Speeds 500 mm/sec subject to fluid type and pressure.
Temperature Range -10°c to 80°c with standard NBR seals

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