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CAD Drawing Facility

Zeus Hydratech uses industry-standard Solid Works CAD software to create fully rendered, 3D images

As part of our bespoke systems and design service, Zeus Hydratech utilises a CAD drawing facility to enable us to take design concepts through to complete manufacture-ready drawings. 

Our CAD drawing facility was born from the requirements of our own internal procedures, but we soon found that the ability to offer our customers CAD drawings (typically in an STP file format) meant that they could quickly and efficiently incorporate the components that we had designed into their own system drawings. Examples of where this facility might be used include scenarios where new hydraulic power packs that are part of an entirely new system must fit inside a specific space and in a particular location, and where new hydraulic cylinders are required to perform a new function in an existing mechanism. The potential benefits and applications of the CAD model are significant.


Zeus Hydratech uses industry-standard SolidWorks CAD software to create fully rendered, 3D images, allowing clients to see completed products. Taking advantage of this service is essential on new designs to avoid costly mistakes; utilising CAD drawings allows the customer to check all dimensional elements and then, if necessary, make adjustments before committing to the final design.


Due to the considerable time taken to create CAD drawings, we are only able to supply drawings on confirmed orders. 

Our CAD drawing facility has proven its worth in a range of applications, but two that particularly stand out are a project for a major Formula One racing team, and a separate project for UTC Aerospace, which is part of the civil aerospace industry.

The project for the F1 team involved using CAD to ensure that we could fit the required hydraulic power pack components within the customer’s specified external dimensions. This was an exceptionally complex and time-critical project, and it was only through the use of CAD that we were able to guarantee the success of the final implementation, enabling the team to focus on its goal of winning races.


Zeus Hydratech Hydraulic power pack CAD design

Above: Final CAD drawing of hydraulic power unit for major F1 racing team.

Above:  The completed hydraulic power pack. 



UTC Aerospace commissioned Zeus Hydratech to develop, design and manufacture a series of special hydraulic rotary actuators for a civil aircraft project. Using SolidWorks, our team produced a fully rendered and animated representation of the final unit. This gave UTC the confidence that Zeus had fully interpreted their requirements and that the units would be correctly specified to fit their systems and provide the necessary functionality and performance.


Zeus Hydratech CAD rendered image of Hydraulic Rotary Actuator

Above: CAD generated, 3D rendered image of the rotary actor built for UTC Aerospace. 


If you would like to discuss your next hydraulic system that may require an engineered solution using our CAD facilities, or have any questions, please contact one of friendly and helpful sales engineers from our technical team on +44(0)1172 130042 or email: 

Zeus Hydratech showed excellent understanding of our requirements and situation, which I would like to thank them for. They worked hard to come up with a proposal and provided a very efficient service. The communication and customer service was second to none, as was their technical knowledge of the subject. - Steven, Airbus

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