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Daikin VZ50 – VZ80 Series – Piston Pump

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Market leaders in environmentally responsible heat pumps, ventilation and air conditioning systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

  •  High density of displacement

    The adoption of the cradle swash plate makes it possible to cope with both compactness and high pressure. Accordingly, the output per unit weight has been increased.
  • Low operation noise

    The increased stiffness of the swash structure and the housing shape, which has been developed by the latest measurement and analysis technologies, make the operation noise reduce extremely.
  • High efficiency

    The spherical valve plate and the suitable oil pressure balance enable it to keep a steady state under the broad range of the operative conditions, resulting in high efficiency.
  • Long life

    The adoption of the spherical valve plate with a superior abrasion resistance makes it possible to strengthen anti-contaminant characteristics.

Product Features

Description VZ50 VZ63 VZ80
 Theoretical Displacement  50.2 cm³/rev  63.0 cm³/rev  79.6 cm³/rev
 Max Operating Pressure  28 MPa {280 kgf/cm²} 28 MPa {280 kgf/cm²} 28 MPa {280 kgf/cm²}
 Rated Operating Pressure 25 MPa {250 kgf/cm²} 25 MPa {250 kgf/cm²}  25 MPa {250 kgf/cm²}
 Permissible Rotation Speed  500 ~ 1800 min  500 ~ 1800 min 500 ~ 1800 min
 Displacement Adjusting Range @ 1800 min  0 ~ 90 L/min   0 ~ 113 L/min  0 ~ 143 L/min
 Weight  40 kg 47 kg 55 kg

Daikin VZ Series – Piston Pump – Datasheet

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