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Domin S4 Pro Series Servo Valve (ISO 10372-01-01-0-92)

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The Domin S4 Pro servo proportional valve utilises the common ISO 10372-01-01-0-92 mounting interface. They are lightweight, high-performance directional flow control valves, that cover a range of rated flows from 0.5 l/min to 18 l/min, and up to a maximum pressure of 350 bar per spool land.

Based on a miniature port circle of 12.2 mm and with a weight of less than 300g, the S4 Pro is suited to applications requiring superior performance, dynamics and reliability expected of a proportional valve in an ultra-compact package.

The S4 Pro shares the same mounting pattern (ISO 10372-01-01-0-92) as the Moog 30 series but offers significant energy savings. 

As well as this, the S4 Pro Servo valve offers valuable upgrades over it's competitors- notably having 60% Lower Leakage than the Star 300,  as well as 25% Faster Step Response than the Moog G771 and is also 30% Lighter than the Woodward 27A.


Vist the Domin website, to explore more about their business and the pioneering servo valve technology they have developed, or view our recent blog post: Unlocking Precision: The Benefits of Utilising Hydraulic Servo Valves.

The Domin S4 Pro valve also underwent extensive testing at the hands of Delta Motion, providing exceptional results in key areas.

Key Stats

  • Hysterisis - < 1%
  • Leakage - < 0.45 l/min
  • Mass - 290g
  • Frequency Response - < 1%
  • Rated Flow - 0.5-18 l/min
  • Response Time - < 3 ms

Common Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Animatronics
  • Automotive / Motorsport
  • Marine
  • Robotics
  • Simulation
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Technical Data 

General Data  
Design Direct Drive Servo Valve
Actuation Rotary-Rotary
Size Miniature
Mounting Interface ISO 10372-01-01-0-92
Ambient Temperature (°C) -20 to +60
Mass (kg) 0.29
Vibration Resistance (g) 35, 3 axes
Shock Resistance (g) 50

Hydraulic Data  
Max. Operating Pressure (P, A, B, T) (bar) 350
Fluid Hydraulic Oil DIN 51524-535
Fluid Temperature (°C) -20 to +80
Viscosity (cSt) 5 to 500
Rated Flow (l/min) 0.7 to 18
Flow Maximum (l/min) 1.4 to 36
Leakage @100 bar (l/min) < 0.2 to < 0.45
Filtration ISO 4406 (1999) 18/16/13




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Vat Reg Number: 846644204 Company Registration Number: 5230249

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