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Nachi SF - Fine Solenoid Valve

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Nachi are a world-class manufacturer of pumps, valves, flow controls, hydraulic power units and other products. Known not only for product excellence but for our competitive pricing and product availability.

The Function of Two Valves in One

The SF Fine Solenoid valve offers a two-speed controller provides smooth speed adjustment from low speed to high, and from high-speed to low.

Quiet Starts and Stops

A low-speed startup and stop feature makes startups and stops smooth and soft.

Separate Control of Forward and Back Cylinder Movement

There are five volume settings for high speed flow rate and acceleration/deceleration times that can be independently, adjusted SOL.a and SOL.b (ON side, OFF side).

Description SF-G01 -C*10-D2-E10 SF-G01 -C*20-D2-E10 SF-G01 -C*40-D2-E10
 Max Operating Pressure  21 MPa  21 MPa  21 MPa
 Max Flow Rate  10 L/min  20 L/min  40 L/min
 High Speed Flow Rate  5 to 10 L/min  10 to 20 L/min  20 to 50 L/min
 Low Speed Flow Rate  0.5 to 4 L/min  2 to 8 L/min  4 to 16 L/min
 Max Allowable Pressure  7 MPa  7 MPa  7 MPa
 Acceleration/Deceleration Time  0.1 to 2 SEC  0.1 to 2 SEC  0.1 to 2 SEC
 Hysteresis  7% 7%  7%
 Repeatability  3%  3%  3%
 Power Supply Voltage  24 VDC  24 VDC  24 VDC
 Dust/Water Resistance  JIS C0920 IP63  JIS C0920 IP63  JIS C0920 IP63
 Ambient Temperature  5 to 50°C  5 to 50°C  5 to 50°C
 Operating Temperature  5 to 60°C   5 to 60°C   5 to 60°C
 Viscosity Range  15 to 300 mm²/s  15 to 300 mm²/s  15 to 300 mm²/s
 Filtration  25 microns or less  25 microns or less  25 microns or less

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Vat Reg Number: 846644204 Company Registration Number: 5230249

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