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PVV-200 Variable Displacement. High Pressure Axial Piston Pump, 200cc/rev

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Designed for power and speed, the Oilgear PVV open-loop axial-piston hydraulic pumps can handle large, heavy-duty systems. Manufactured with advanced engineering and computer-optimized, the PVV pump range delivers up to 450 Bar / 560 horespower which equates to four times the horsepower at less than half the cost of other manufacturers pumps. 

Within the high pressure PVV series, we can offer a displacement range of 200 - 540cc/rev.

Pump Specifications: 
  • Circuit Type: Open loop
  • Fluid Type: Hydraulic, low-lubricity
  • Displacement: 200cc/rev
  • Max Continuous Pressure: 401  - 500 Bar
  • Max Speed: 1800 RPM
  • Control Response: Fast

With it's compact design available in several displacements, the PVV pumps offer a large selection of readily interchangeable controls. With improved response controls and reduced noise levels, its rugged cylinder design enhances performance.

The patented, pressure lubricated swashblock design offers high performance for high-cycling operations. It also contributes to the pump’s ability to run on low-viscosity fluids, including high water content, fire-resistant and other special fluids. 

Standard Features:
  • Swashblock & integral saddle with polymerous bearings
  • Sealed front shaft bearings
  • Replaceable hardened cylinder wear plate & bronze port plate
  • Keyed or splined shaft
  • Piston shoes run on flat steel thrust plate
  • Cylinder mounted polymerous journal bearings
  • Patented pressure lubricated swashblock design
  • Mechanically retained shoe
  • Quiet port plate design
Product Options: 
  • Thru-shaft for driving multiple pumps from a single motor
  • Viton, Buna (Nitrile) or EPR seals 
  • Left or Right hand rotation 
  • ISO 200 or SAE "E" 4 bolt mounting flange
  • Volume reduction stops
  • Side or rear ported 
  • 3 different shaft configurations depending on required torque rating
  • Pressure and flow control options include: 
  1. Single setting
  2. Dual setting
  3. Proprtional device
  4. Soft start
  5. Electronic displacement control (EDC)
  6. Load sense
  7. Load sense with horsepower limiter
  8. Horsepower limiter
  9. Load sense plus
  10. Horsepower limiter with load sense control 
  11. Electrohydraulic (with feedback)
  12. Solenoid operated volume control
  13. Fixed displacement  

Zeus Hydratech fully supports the Oilgear PVV pump product line and is the only valid source for OEM parts. All Oilgear repairs are machined and tested per our original factory specifications.

Oilgear manufacturer some of the longest lasting, rugged and reliable pumps in the world. 

Description PVV-200 PVV-250 PVV-440 PVV-540
Pump Capacity 200cc/rev 250cc/rev 440cc/rev 540cc/rev
Rated Continuous Pressure 414 Bar (6000 PSI) 345 Bar (5000 PSI) 450 Bar (6500 PSI) 345 Bar (5000 PSI)
Peak Pressure 450 Bar (6500 PSI) 400 Bar (5800 PSI) 500 Bar (7250 PSI) 400.0 Bar (5800 PSI)
Max Revolution Speed 1800 rpm 1800 rpm 1200 rpm 1200 rpm
Rated flow at continuous rated pressure @ 1500 rpm (Non-Supercharged) 273 lpm (72 gpm) 344 lpm (91 gpm) 472 lpm (125 gpm) @ 1200 rpm 587 lpm (155 gpm) @ 1200 rpm
Rated flow at continuous rated pressure @ 1800 rpm (Supercharged) 326 lpm (86 gpm) 413 lpm (109gpm) N/A N/A
Mounting Flange ISO 200 or SAE "E" 4 Bolt ISO 200 or SAE "E" 4 Bolt ISO 250 4 Bolt ISO 250 4 Bolt
Weight 147.4 Kg (325 lb) 147 Kg (325 lb) 333 Kg (735 lb) 333 Kg (735 lb)

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Vat Reg Number: 846644204 Company Registration Number: 5230249

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